Ivybridge’s new recycling centre opens next month

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Posted on: 10 February 2017

Devon County Council’s (DCC) new state-of-the-art Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) at Ermington Road in Ivybridge will open its doors to the public just after 11am on Wednesday 1 March 2017.

The new facility will be officially opened by the Chairman of Devon County Council, Councillor Andrew Moulding, who will be joined by Councillor Roger Croad,  DCC’s member for Ivybridge and Cabinet Member for Community and Environmental Services.

Councillor Richard Hosking, DCC’s member for Yealmpton, the Mayor of Ivybridge and representatives from South Hams District Council, Ugborough Parish Council and Ermington Parish Council have also been invited.

Ivybridge’s new HWRC will serve communities including Ivybridge, South Brent, Modbury and Yealmpton, and has been built on land opposite the town’s football and tennis clubs.

It will replace the old recycling centre at Bridge Court 100metres away, which is now too small to serve the community’s needs. That site closes permanently on Tuesday 28 February 2017 at 4.30pm.

The new site’s modern split level design will make it easier for householders to access the waste containers. The containers are at a lower level, so there won’t be any steps to climb.

The site is designed to allow for waste containers to be changed over without the need to temporarily close the site, which causes extensive delays and queuing on the Bridge Court facility.

A long access road will mean that vehicles will no longer have to queue on the public highway during peak periods. In the site there is also much more space for visitors to move and park safely.

A traffic loop system with ample car parking will ensure a smooth flow of traffic, preventing the problem of stationary vehicles blocking the access and exit route.

Like some other HWRC’s the new facility will include a dedicated sales building and yard area, where reusable items can be purchased.

The new facility is expected to receive in excess of 5,000 tonnes of household waste a year and will recycle and recover around 80% of all the waste brought in.

Dedicated facilities will be available for householders to recycle glass, paper, cardboard, cans, textiles, metals, wood, garden waste and plastic bottles.

Clean mixed plastic packaging, engine oil, vegetable oil, lead-acid batteries, domestic batteries, tyres, fridges, televisions, fluorescent tubes, domestic appliances, electrical equipment, mobile phones and gas cylinders can also be recycled.

The site will also provide facilities to dispose of non-recyclable bulky household waste. SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK Ltd will operate the site for Devon County Council and the staff at the old site will transfer across to the new facility.

From April to September the site will be open 9am until 5pm Mondays to Fridays,  and 10am until 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

From October to the end of March the site will be open 9am until 4.30pm Mondays to Fridays,  and 10am until 4.30pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Councillor Roger Croad, Devon County Council’s Cabinet Member for Community and Environmental Services and local member for Ivybridge, said: 

“I am delighted that Devon County Council has been able to deliver this state-of-the-art facility.

“At the Bridge Court site during peak times and when containers are being changed, it is not uncommon for motorists to have to queue along the Ermington Road while waiting to dispose of their waste. “This has been time-consuming, annoying and unsafe for other road users. Once this new facility opens that will no longer be an issue.

“And in recognition of residents wanting to reuse more there will be a sales area, something the current facility doesn’t provide. The designers have also removed the need for steps to access the containers which will make it easier for everyone to recycle.”

Councillor Richard Hosking, the local County Councillor for Yealmpton, said:

“We hope local residents like the new facilities and take advantage of this new service. This

Cllr Richard Hosking

new facility will benefit those living in the new South Brent and Yealmpton Division and will make the whole process of recycling household waste far easier far easier and will further help recycle, recover and re-use as much waste as possible.”

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