Latest test numbers show another significant rise in the number of tests carried out

Image of a coronavirus swabbing test

Posted on: 2 October 2020

The latest figures show another rise in the number of COVID-19 tests provided in Devon.

The latest available figures show that 10,900 tests (Pillar 2) were carried out during the week ending 25 September, a significant rise on the 7,600 test carried out during the previous week.

Test resources had been diverted to other parts of the country where infection rates and demand for COVID-19 testing is higher.  That had for a time left Devon residents struggling to book tests locally and quickly.

Steve Brown, Deputy Director of Public Health Devon Steve Brown, the Deputy Director for Public Health Devon, said:

“The latest numbers show another rise in the number of tests carried out in Devon, and we are hearing fewer reports of delay or having to travel distances to attend a test.

“Overall, the county is still comparably very low down the table for the number of confirmed coronavirus cases.  We have the immediate increase in cases in Exeter for which there is no evidence of spread within the community, but confirmed cases in our seven other District areas are still low,

“Testing resources in the main are keeping up with demand in Devon, and I ask anyone who is showing symptoms – the high temperature, new and continuous cough, or change in their sense of taste or smell – to self-isolate immediately and book a test.”

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