Material World school’s resource launched

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Posted on: 19 January 2016

School children across Devon are being offered the tools to help them help save the planet with the launch of the “Material World” educational resource.

“Material World” encourages Devon school pupils to take action to preserve the world’s precious resources and has been developed by Resource Futures’ staff as part of the Devon Waste Education Programme.

It is available free of charge to all Devon schools thanks to support from environmentally-friendly carpet tile manufacturer, Interface and Devon County Council.

Material World will be unveiled at The Castle Primary School in Tiverton on Thursday January 21.

The launch will include staff from Devon County Council, Resource Futures and Interface alongside a special workshop for the pupils.

The educational pack and workshop use case studies from around the world, along with exciting props, videos and games.

Both aim to raise awareness among young people of how we use and misuse the world’s finite supply of resources and things we can do to manage them more efficiently.

Cllr Roger Croad, County Councillor and Cabinet Member for Community and Cllr Roger CroadEnvironmental Services, said: “Devon County Council is responsible for the management of 350,000 tonnes of household waste every year.

“With an annual cost of £50m it makes sense to seek out new and innovative ways to reduce the amount of waste created now and by future generations.”

Waste Educator Demelza Annison said: “We are delighted to be able to reach out to the next generation, which may well include designers, scientists and engineers of the future. Partnering with Interface has provided a great opportunity, through the workshop and pack, to show examples of companies who are working to preserve natural resources and use innovative ways to re-use and recover materials to be used again and again.”

Louise Swift of Interface said:  “Interface aims to inspire all areas of the business, and other organisations, to consider people, processes, products, places and profits against the environment and society. By supporting Devon’s excellent new school resource, we can help to inspire the next generation.”

The programme is funded by Devon County Council and delivered by Resource Futures. For more information see Recycle Devon’s website.

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