Nags Head Bridge to be closed for safety works

Posted on: 19 February 2016

The Nags Head Bridge near Cullompton will be closed from the 7th to 18th March for essential safety works.

‘Road restraint’ improvement works will be carried out on the  B3181 bridge and follows concerns that some drivers have not been negotiating the bend on the east side of the bridge safely.

The work will include removing damaged timber fencing and installing ‘trief’ kerbs in front of an existing retaining wall. This will minimise the risk of vehicles leaving the carriageway.

Single white lines on both sides of the highway will be added, and existing warning signs will be improved. More signs will be added to give motorists’ better visual warning of potential hazards ahead.

Advanced warning signs informing motorists of the works will be put up two weeks prior to the works start date. Letters informing residents in the immediate area of the plans will be sent out.

Mid Devon District Council, Cullompton Town Council and Bradninch Town Council have been informed of the closure and additional advertisements will be published in local newspapers.

Councillor Stuart Hughes, Devon County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways Management, said: “We will try to minimise the disruption as much as Cllr Stuart Hughespossible, but due to the location of the works, we are unable to carry them out safely using two way temporary traffic lights and will have to close the road. “This is for the safety of the public and the workforce.”

Local councillor for Cullompton Rural, Councillor John Berry, said: “The work

Councillor John Berry

Councillor John Berry

is essential.  Collisions records over the last four to five years suggest that drivers have failed to negotiate the bend on the east side of the bridge safely and recently a vehicle lost control and crashed into timber fencing at the site.
“If drivers choose not to use the designated diversion and instead either travel through the village of Bradninch or use any other roads,  please drive carefully and keep within the speed limit.”

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  1. iain emmett says:

    Any plan for a bypass for Cullompton would involve the need to replace Nags Head Bridge 2 cars have difficulty passing its 1 lorry at a time

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