New arrivals at St Joseph’s

Posted on: 8 February 2017

St Joseph’s Primary in Newton Abbot has welcomed a number of new arrivals this term as the school continues to improve.

Emma Wilson has joined as assistant headteacher and co-ordinator for special educational needs. She will lead the school with interim head, Kelly Dunne, who took up her appointment last term.

It comes as the school welcomes a report by education inspectors praising the big improvement in its care for pupils.

St Joseph’s has also announced that work will start later this term on re-modelling the entrance hall and creating a new room. The school has developed a purpose-built room for one-to-one and small group work that will help staff to develop pupils’ emotional and social well-being.

The school says it is committed to making sure that all pupils have what they need to make the best possible progress in their learning. St Joseph’s does not have a separate room for this work at the moment.

St Joseph’s is welcoming a report by school inspectors from Ofsted which confirmed its safeguarding is improving. Last year Ofsted criticised the school for its safeguarding policies. But now, after a two-day visit by two inspectors, the school has been told its policies are effective.

Lead inspector Margaret Dickinson said in a letter to Ms Dunne:

“Senior leaders have drawn astutely on external support through the local authority.

“This has been sharply focused on supporting safeguarding, improving behaviour and strengthening provision for pupils with special needs.

“Pupils’ attitudes and behaviour have improved considerably. The curriculum has been amended to make sure pupils are taught about safeguarding.

“It is clear that pupils have learned a great deal during this term about keeping themselves safe when using computers and mobile phones.”

Pupils are also delighted with their fleet of new scooters. Before Christmas, they were asked to Leg it to Lapland and the mileage they covered by walking, cycling or scooting to school was recorded over two weeks.

Every pupil covered an average of 15 miles which beat other schools that entered the competition. St Joseph’s now has a fleet of new scooters for pupils to use courtesy of the transport charity Sustrans.

Ms Dunne said improvements were being made across the school but there was a long way to go.

“The Ofsted report proves we are heading in the right direction but we are all well aware we have a lot more to do and I want to thank our pupils and parents for their support,” she said.

“Winning the Leg it to Lapland competition gave us a real boost and it is part of our overall education work to help our children live healthier and happier lives.”

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