New cashless on-street parking payment system saves drivers money

Posted on: 17 January 2017

Drivers in Devon are benefitting from cheaper cashless parking thanks to a new system that has been rolled out across the county.

Devon County Council has partnered with Bemrose Mobile to deliver the new cashless payment service, taking over from previous provider RingGo.

Councillor Stuart Hughes, Devon County Council’s Cabinet Member with responsibility for on street parking, explains:

“Offering cashless payment means motorists don’t have to worry about having the right change in their pockets when they use our on-street parking areas.

“Having Bemrose Mobile provide the service in Devon offers a significant saving for drivers with a convenience charge of just 3p per transaction compared to the previous 20p charge.

“Cashless has proved to be a popular payment option since we launched it six years ago, which is great news as a the service means we will eventually be able to reduce the costs associated with providing a physical pay and display system, such as machine maintenance and cash collection.

“The option to pay by cash is still available for those who prefer the traditional method, but I would encourage everyone to have a go at using this new service and discover how easy and convenient it is.”

The new system offers drivers the option to pay for their parking by credit or debit card by entering a four digit location code displayed at the site. Payment can be made by phone, SMS, via an app or website. Drivers can also set up an account so that paying for parking is even quicker and more convenient as they won’t have to enter their details each time they park.

Stickers informing customers of the change are displayed on all Devon County Council on-street parking machines.

2 comments on “New cashless on-street parking payment system saves drivers money

  1. Karen Williams says:

    I’m pleased to see this is a cheeper option, but don’t think this change has been publicised enough. I parked in Newton Abbot on Monday and assumed I could use the Ringgo app, but obviously had to re register for the new service. Tried and failed to register by phone so went to get cash. Had a parking ticket by the time I got back to my car! Civil Enforcement Officer was very understanding, and included photos of the ticket I had bought with cash and phone evidence I had tried to register. I hope my challenge will be accepted under the circumstances. Have now registered for the new service and downloaded the app, but would encourage DCC to get this change more widely publicised.

  2. Wendy Simkin says:

    I was very happy with Ringo, used it all the time, had the app on my phone and now I’ve got to change it! I was most put out to park the other day and find it had been changed and I couldn’t use Ringo! Why change what is working! aargh!

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