New classroom opened at village school

Shaugh Prior School sign

Posted on: 5 December 2019

Parents at a small Devon primary school will have the chance to see their children’s completely refurbished new classroom on Friday (6 Dec).

More than £75,000 has been spent by Shaugh Prior Primary School and Devon County Council on renovating and redecorating the classroom to benefit the children’s teaching and learning.

And for one six-year-old local schoolgirl the improvements mean she will be able to attend her village school with her eight-year-old brother, Jamie.

Hollie Graham has particular special needs and the work on the classroom has provided full access, specialised facilities and a new sensory room.

Hollie’s mum Sasha said her two older children had both attended their local school and Hollie had wanted to go to school with Jamie.

Hollie has renal disease and is waiting for a kidney transplant and is partially deaf with some mobility problems.

“At some point she will need the support that a special school can provide,” said Mrs Graham.

“But for now it means she can go to school with her brother and her friends from the area.

“We are all very pleased. It’s like a little family network.”

Mrs Graham said Hollie had missed quite a lot of school because she had to go to Bristol regularly for dialysis. But the staff at Shaugh Prior were having training in how to support Hollie and the new facilities would make that easier.

“She’s really looking forward to it,” she said.

Assistant executive headteacher Sara-Jane Baker said: “We’ve been keen to modernise and refurbish our ageing classroom for some time and we’re delighted we have been able to do it with facilities that mean we can support Hollie.

“Shaugh Prior is a small village school with a family ethos where we all support one another.”

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