New footpath approved between Tiverton Parkway and Sampford Peverell

Posted on: 18 September 2017

Devon County Council (DCC) has approved a new street-lighted footpath, linking Tiverton Parkway station and Sampford Peverell.

On Wednesday 13 September DCC’s ruling Cabinet approved the 410-metre scheme which will include two bus stops.

Currently there is no footpath between the extended car park and Lower Town.

The new footway will run parallel to the existing road toward Sampford Peverell for approximately 410m.

At the junction with Lower Town the footway would then run along the south side of the green space and join with the existing pedestrian refuge island on Lower Town.

Pedestrians will then be able to walk to Sampford Peverell on the northern footway along Lower Town.

Two new bus stops along Lower Town will also be built; one between the properties Wickets and Dovetail and the other on the opposite side of the road of the property Edricia.

The speed limit will be reduced to 30mph along the length of the new lighting, and an enhanced crossing built near Edricia.

The speed restrictions and the crossing and lighting improvements will improve the National Cycle Network.

The route from the station runs along the highway and crosses Lower Town.

2 comments on “New footpath approved between Tiverton Parkway and Sampford Peverell

  1. David Lilley says:

    A map would have been handy!

  2. Alan Rayner says:

    Whilst welcome, this proposal does not give as great value as would creation
    of a public transport hub on the A361 near to junction 27.

    Tiverton Parkway is overly car-centric and needs better PUBLIC transport links.

    Coach operators are reluctant to extend overall journey times by significant
    diversions from the motorways BUT they are willing to make diversions in order
    to increase trade. Examples are at junctions 28, 25, 24 where coaches leave
    the motorway and do a 360-degree turn round a nearby roundabout – with a
    stop between the motorway and the roundabout. This does not happen at
    junction 27 but would be attractive with a direct pedestrian link between the
    layby on the South side of the A361 and Parkway station. Coaches would then
    be able to use the overbridge just to the West of that location in order to reach
    the M5 after using the coach stop. This would mean double use of the J27
    roundabout for coaches from Barnstaple direction but for all other directions
    would be a straight-forward operation.

    DCC has already removed the layby from long-term parking use and could
    erect a waiting “shelter” at the site. It is understandable that coach operators
    would not wish to divert all the way to the station forecourt but this layby offers
    an opportunity to enhance transport integration.

    The other need is for at least two journeys an hour between Parkway station
    and Tiverton centre – ending the nonsense of ‘buses arriving at xx.40 whilst
    the Northbound train leaves at xx.37. Admittedly this enhancement is a matter
    for the ‘bus operators but until encouragment bears fruit the wider community
    will continue to suffer excessive individual transport at this location. A survey
    in 2009 indicated the problem. Subsequently it has been fed by provision of
    yet more parking space. Are we serious about public transport integration?

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