New parking restrictions for campervans to come into force in Exmouth


Posted on: 27 June 2018

New on-street parking restrictions for campervans and motorhomes come into effect in Exmouth from Monday (2 July).

The increasing number of motorhomes and similar types of vehicles using Exmouth seafront for extended stays has been causing growing concern among local residents and Exmouth Town Council in recent years.

This prompted a “task and finish forum” to be set up by Exmouth Town Council, East Devon District Council and Devon County Council last year to look into the issue.

Together the authorities have been reviewing how best to manage parking for campervans in the area.

As part of the new scheme, “motor caravans” will be banned between 8pm and 8am along sections of Imperial Road and Queens Drive (spur road to Orcombe Point). There will also be a 24-hour restriction on motor caravans along sections of Queens Drive.

Alongside the new restrictions introduced by Devon County Council, East Devon District Council has also advertised amendments to its off-street parking, which will allow Motor Caravans to park overnight in three long stay car parks in Exmouth – Imperial Road Recreation Ground, Queens Drive Echelon, and also in Maer Road as soon as its entrance has been upgraded.

Councillor Stuart Hughes

Councillor Stuart Hughes, Devon County Council Cabinet Member for Highway Management, said: “This has highlighted how partnership working between all of the local authorities can help tackle an issue which has been impacting on the local community. We’ve listened and worked together to find measures which hopefully will address the problems while still enabling parking provision for motorhomes in specific areas.”

Councillor Bill Nash, East Devon District Council’s Exmouth Champion who chaired the campervan task and finish forum, said: “I’m delighted with the outcome of this partnership approach which has seen Exmouth Town Council working together with both East Devon District Council and Devon County Council to find a solution to this tricky problem.

“Campervans and motorhomes are still very welcome to stay in Exmouth for up to three consecutive nights (subject to terms and conditions) for just £11 for 24 hours (exactly the same tariff that they have been used to paying on the street). From Monday 2 July they will be able to stay in our Imperial Recreation Ground car park and for smaller campervans, typically the popular VW campervans, there is also an opportunity to stay in Queens Drive Echelon car park.

“We will also be offering the same overnight parking offer in Maer Road car park as soon as we have been able to complete the works necessary to create an upgraded entrance.

“We want to improve the seaside experience for both campervan owners along with all visitors and residents. We are offering these new arrangements on a trial basis for up to two years to enable us to carefully assess any impact they might have on the town. We will then take views from all parties with the plan to improve facilities still further.”

Councillor Jeff Trail BEM

Councillor Jeff Trail, Devon County Councillor for Exmouth, said: “Motorhomes and campervans are still welcome in Exmouth. I see this move as a relocation of the motorhomes from one side of the dunes to the opposite side of the road. After a trial period of up to 24 months, should the parking after 8pm be taken up strongly within all designated car parks, I would urge the committee to assess the need for extra services such as electric points and foul waste facilities for users.”

Councillor Richard Scott

Councillor Richard Scott, Devon County Councillor for Exmouth, said: “It has been a clear and long-held desire of the majority of residents to implement some restriction on motorhomes to enable more residents and visitors to enjoy our stunning location. This restriction is an example of what can be done when local authorities listen and work together.”

Cllr Christine Channon

Councillor Christine Channon

Councillor Christine Channon, Devon County Councillor for Exmouth and Budleigh Salterton Coastal, said: “We do not want to discourage tourists with campervans from visiting the beautiful town of Exmouth, however through a working partnership of town, district and county councils we hope to have been able to resolve the problem of inappropriate parking of campervans for long periods of time in Queens Drive.”

8 comments on “New parking restrictions for campervans to come into force in Exmouth

  1. Paul gainey says:

    Parking in exmouth their are designated parking spaces for Motorhome/campervans in queens rd echelon parking we have paid £11 to overnight park, and have suffered abuse from the local youths who have parked by us, they have not paid any parking fees left all their littler shouted abuse to passers by, even dropping their trousers to the public as they drive by playing music so loud that our Motorhome was actually vibrating with the pulse. Speeding is appalling. Where are the police when you need them it’s a utter joke we will not be returning to exmouth again totally disgusted we advise people with motorhomes and campervans to stay away.shame on you exmouth your town is being ruined by your own community not us motorhomes and campervan owners

    • Terri says:

      We experanced the same i thought it was a lovely place til dark the the boy racers came out our motor was shaking when they went past racing we had all cars next to us playing loud music don’t recommend to anyone it was a scary place at night awful

  2. Steve says:

    Very disappointed with this decision. I have recently purchased a campervan with the intention of visiting my favourite seaside location (Exmouth seafront) as often as I can during summer and more often during the winter months.
    I believe with this decision the council have pandered to a small number local complainants that simply do not like motorhomes or the the people that use them.
    This is clearly the start of a complete ban on motorhomes and as a result the majority of motorhome users will now avoid Exmouth completely (or is that your intention?)..
    The council should remember that when the kids go back to school and the sun disappears. Its the campervan and motorhome users that visit and spend money ALL YEAR ROUND.

  3. Michelle says:

    It would make more sense to allow campervans to park overnight and not in the day when it’s far busier?
    The beach is not used as much overnight so I don’t see how this is helping anyone. They don’t cause any issues 8pm -8am!

  4. Keith c says:

    I think this in so ways will work but having worked for council for 25yrs and a disabled driver of a motor home we can park free on front now once again the councils are penalised the disabled from parking on the sea front to gain more revinue by having to pay in the car park during the day and reducing the spaces for others in cars

  5. Bev says:

    So now Exmouth will be exclusive to the locals who can walk to the beach, having come to Exmouth for years we will not be coming against and it’s an all year round thing that we do, we also always pay f for parking and support the local shops and community. Good luck for excluding a whole community and let’s hope that everyone in a camper van boycotts your biased little community

  6. Glen Chandler says:

    This move seems very reasonable as a campervan owner. I note the official notice refers more properly to ‘motor caravans’ That is the legal description as campervan and motorhome have no legallty in DVLA. I also note the proposed charges will be the same as on street parking is now. I cannot comment on that as I not a local but when the ban comes into force I would very much like to think that the alternative availability for parking, overnight or not, is made obviously CLEAR at the road sites involved else the whole point of the exercise will be lost. Additionally I note if the scheme is used – to what percentage is not clear – then some services will be installed. I would suggest no more than those at the kerbside have now. Rubbish and foul waste disposal for hygiene reasons plus water for life. Do not install Electric Hookup. No-one has this now at the kerbside and unless toilets already exist in the car parks referred to, do not install more.
    The chance to dispose of foul waste properly will be the most welcome part of the proposals.
    Well done. We only wish other local authorities thought in the same way. Those holiday makers who park on the streets spend thousands on their vans and thousands in the local businesses. Lets work together.

    • Sue Routh says:

      I have asked for a definitive map of where/what/when one can park any sort of motor caravan as it is extremely difficult to work it all out. We are local who go down to Exmouth sea front fairly often and the notice on the ticket machines has always seemed ambiguous.
      Hopefully, this will all be clarified soon.

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