New residents parking schemes in Exeter come into force next month

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Posted on: 17 January 2018

New residents parking schemes in Exeter come into force from February 5.

The existing Bovemoors Lane Area, Regents Park Area and the Rifford Road Area schemes in Exeter are being extended and a new Burnthouse Lane Area created.

The schemes follow requests from residents affected by commuter parking and feedback from a subsequent public consultation.

Properties eligible to apply for permits have been sent letters with details of their scheme and how to apply for permits.

The Regents Park Area scheme (S2)  has been extended to include Anthony Road, East Terrace, First Avenue, Hamlin Lane (specified properties only), Hanover Close, Hanover Road, Ladysmith Lane, Ladysmith Road, Lower Avenue, Newcombe Street, Newcombe Street Gardens and Newcombe Terrace.

Normandy Road, Pinhoe Road (specified properties only), Pretoria Road, Regent Square, Roseland Avenue (specified properties only), Roseland Crescent, Roseland Drive, Saxon Road, Second Avenue, South Lawn Terrace, Stuart Road, Third Avenue & West Terrace have also been added.

The Bovemoors Lane Area scheme (N) has been expanded to include Attwyl Avenue, Avondale Road, Brookleigh Avenue, Cranbrook Road, East Wonford Hill (specified properties only), Glenmore Road, Mayfield Road, St Loyes Road, Victor Close, Victor Lane, Victor Street & Woodstock Road.

The Rifford Road Area scheme (S7)  has been expanded to include Woodwater Lane and the properties of Lisa Close are being added to the eligible properties. A new  Burnthouse Lane Area scheme (S8) has also been created.

This will consist of Briar Crescent, Brooke Avenue, Browning Close, Burns Avenue, Burnthouse Lane (specified properties only), Chaucer Avenue, Chestnut Avenue, Cowper Avenue, Dickens Drive, Hamilton Avenue and Hawthorn Road.

Hazel Road, Holly Road, Laburnum Road, Laurel Road, Lilac Road, Magnolia Avenue, Milton Road, Ronchetti Way, Scott Avenue, Shakespeare Road, Silver Birch Close, Spenser Avenue, Tennyson Avenue, Topsham Road (specified properties only) & Walnut Road have also been included.

Councillor Stuart Hughes, Devon County Council Cabinet Member for

Councillor Stuart Hughes

Highways said: “These schemes follow an extensive public consultation and reflect residents’ concerns regarding commuter parking.
“We can’t guarantee that residents will always be able to park outside their home at all times but the schemes will make it much more likely that residents will be able to park within the immediate vicinity.”

Councillor Rob Hannaford, local county councillor for Exwick & St

Councillor Rob Hannaford

Thomas and the chairman of the Exeter Highways and Traffic Orders Committee, said: “I am pleased that the proposals we developed in response to the concerns of residents and councillors are now being put in to action.”

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