New residents parking zones in Exeter come into effect next month.

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Posted on: 24 January 2017

Work on two new residents parking zones in the City, and extensions to three others, have begun.

The schemes follow requests from residents affected by commuter parking and feedback from a subsequent public consultation.

Residents in the affected roads will be able to apply for permits from Wednesday 1 February 2017, and each eligible property will receive a letter with information on how to apply.

There will be a new zone for the Elizabeth Avenue area (Zone S6) which will consist of Elizabeth Avenue and the Prince Charles Road Service Road.

The new zone for the Rifford Road area (Zone S7) will consist of Broom Close, Browning Close, Heath Road, Hurst Avenue, Ivy Close, Lethbridge Road, Peryam Crescent, Rifford Road, Tuckfield Close, Wilford Road and parts of Burnthouse Lane, Ludwell Lane, Quarry Lane, Salters Road and Woodwater Lane.

The existing Newtown Zone (Zone C) will now include all properties in Jesmond Road and the Regents Park Zone,  and (Zone S2) will be extended to include the Park Road, Homefield Road and North Street areas.

This will include Bonnington Grove, Commins Road, Goldsmith Street, Homefield Road, Jubilee Road, Manston Road, North Lawn Court, North Street (Heavitree), Oakfield Street, Park Place, Park Road, Pegasus Court St Annes Road, St Johns Road, St Marks Avenue, Wyndham Avenue and parts of Fore Street (Heavitree), Pinhoe Road and Polsloe Road.

The third extension will be to the Bovemoors Zone (Zone N) which will now cover the Whipton Lane area and Sivell Place area. This will include Gordons Place, Sivell Place, Lonsdale Road, Stanwey and parts of  Fore Street (Heavitree), Roseland Avenue and Whipton Lane.

Works are underway and the new restrictions will come into effect on Monday 13 February.

Councillor Stuart Hughes, Devon County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways, said: “While parking zones don’t guarantee that a resident will be able to park outside their

home every night, it will help to ensure that residents have priority for parking within their area, and make it more likely that they will be able to park in the immediate vicinity of their home.”

Councillor Rob Hannaford, local county councillor for Exwick & St Thomas and the chairman of the Exeter Highways and Traffic Orders Committee, said:

“The scheme ensures that local needs are met and taken into account, and that local schools, businesses and other employment hubs are not unfairly disadvantaged.”

Once the proposals are operational, the council will arrange a further consultation exercise on some of the neighbouring streets to assess the need for any further extensions to the zones, with a view to reporting feedback to the July HATOC meeting.

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10 comments on “New residents parking zones in Exeter come into effect next month.

  1. Kevin Cook says:

    Are residents of Fowey Close – off of St Marks Avenue – in Exeter, eligible for a DCC Residents Parking Permit in the newly extended S2 parking permits zone, as they already have garages?

  2. N. Richards says:

    The spread of resident’s parking area has caused other problem areas to form. The St Thomas area of Regent Street, Queens Rd., Pinces Square, Ferndale road etc., has now become a car park area, meaning residents now cannot park when they come home from work! In fact in Regent Street one car has been dumped for 3 months and the owner of the premises it is outside (not me by the way) can have no work done on their house that needs scaffolding being erected. Because the car is taxed and MOT tested everybody refuses to do anything about it! We are now left having to consider requesting a resident’s parking zone for this area due to some inconsiderate people.

  3. Kerrie says:

    How can I find out further info if Newcombe Street/ East & West Terrace will become residents parking? If they are not are we able to park in south lawn terrace and surrounding streets in the evening when there are no spaces in our road due to some households having 2/3 vehicles! Does this mean we would need to apply for a permit to park in other streets as not received any letter about these changes. Thanks

    • Hi Kerry
      The new restrictions can be viewed on a map at They do not include the South Lawn Terrace/Newcombe Street area as these restrictions were dropped from the proposals at the Exeter Highways and Traffic Orders Committee meeting last July.

      However, due to comments received the council has committed to carrying out a further review to monitor the impact of the new restrictions on adjacent streets. Meetings with County Councillors are planned for next month to determine which streets will be included with this review.

  4. Jeremy Irwin says:

    There is no perfect solution that will please everyone, and it is reasonable to prioritise residents’ parking over non-residents as it is where they live. It is about give and take – the person complaining about a “ocean of residential parking spaces” would doubtless be irate if he was prevented from parking at his house by non-residents parking their cars in the way.

  5. Bob Ross says:

    Please can we have an updated map that takes account of all the new zones and shows where non-residents can park around County Hall

  6. anon says:

    The council’s idea of consultation is typically this is what we are going to do, we will seek feed back, but then ignore it.

    The council need to post flyers in peoples doors and even conduct a door to door exercise in the wider areas being affected. Simply posting a notice on a lamp post and on the council website is not acceptable.

    Exeter has become an ocean of residential parking zones which leave little or no choice to non residents where to park. On road parking charges are extortionate and the city council has also increased car park charges to record levels (again with little regard for constructive consultation).

    The cost of a bus ticket is also going to rocket following the loss of the central bus depot, this is due to the increased journey time and distance from the new depot to start bus routes.

    Totally unfair for everyone!

    • Dear Terry

      Thanks for your comments. We posted around 4,500 leaflets to properties in the streets affected.

      This consultation was held between 26 May and 17 June 2016 and was in response to requests from local residents who are affected by commuter parking.

      Initially it was advertised in the Express and Echo, through notices on the streets affected and via
      leaflets delivered to properties within the proposed areas.

      Copies of the proposals were also made available at County Hall, Exeter Civic Centre and at Wonford Community and Learning Centre.

      Over the 21 day consultation period we received approximately 1,600 submissions which have been recorded against the relevant scheme. The mail drop to all properties within the proposed area asked if the resident supported or opposed the proposals. A summary of these responses can be found in the table in the HATOC report (link below).

      This follows the Exeter Residents Parking Review which included public exhibition for the Burnthouse Lane, Rifford Road and St Loyes Road Areas held on 26 May 2015 with the consultation running until 12 June 2015.

      We received 387 responses to this consultation. Public exhibitions for the Heavitree, Polsloe and Elizabeth Avenue Areas were held on 4 and 9 December 2015 with the consultation running until 8 January 2016. We received 1,504 responses to this consultation with 2 petitions (19 signatures for residents parking in Park Road and 495 against the proposals).

      The large majority of responses were submitted on or with the official questionnaire and the results of the responses to the questions.

      Our Traffic Engineers made the decision to go beyond the statutory minimum for consultation as they were aware that this is a contentious issue, and sought to inform decisions through public engagement. The report (links above) above goes through comments and responds to each, and this was taken into account by Members at the time of the decision.

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