New scheme is not a free ticket to park anywhere

Posted on: 15 October 2015

Devon County Council has responded to claims that the Council’s dispensation scheme for trades people is ‘just another way to make money’.

Cllr Stuart Hughes, the Council’s Cabinet Member with responsibility for on-street parking, said:

“The scheme is to enable trades people, who require access to properties so that they can do their job, including landlords and letting agents, to park temporarily and responsibly in restricted parking areas for a limited period of time.  It is not a free ticket for anyone to park anywhere.  Claims that anyone, unchecked, will be able to pay for dispensation so that they can ignore double yellow lines, are wrong.”

Trades people in Devon have been able to receive dispensation from parking restrictions since 2011, in order for them to carry out their usual business during the working day.  The scheme relied on trades people knowing in advance which properties they would be working at, and applying for dispensation online, but the Council recognised that it needed a more flexible scheme to accommodate unplanned visits to properties by trades people.

From September, businesses, contractors, landlords and letting agents can now apply for annual permits, or for short stay use.

Eligibility for the scheme is established before purchase of any permits, and they are only provided to legitimate contractors, landlords and letting agents.  This, the Council emphasises, minimises the opportunity for abuse.

“All dispensation permits, which require the display of contact telephone numbers, are monitored by our Civic Enforcement Officers,” said Cllr Hughes.  If anyone believes that the scheme is being abused, they should contact 0845 155 1073 with the location and vehicle details. Anyone caught abusing the scheme will receive a penalty.”

Details on how to apply for the permits are available online.

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