North Devon residents encouraged to make use of food waste collection service

Posted on: 13 December 2017

Householders in North Devon are being given a gentle reminder in the run up to Christmas to use their food waste collection bins.

From this week residents will find “No food waste please” stickers placed on their non-food or recycling bins.

North Devon Council is the first authority in Devon to start placing the stickers.

Eventually the reminders, issued by Devon County Council in partnership with Devon’s district councils, will be placed on bins across the county.

Any cooked or uncooked food waste, including bones and carcasses, can be put in your food waste collection.

The hope is that a gentle ‘nudge’ will also encourage people to think about how they can reduce the amount of food they throw away.

During 2015 £13 billion-worth of edible food, weighing 7.3 million tonnes, was thrown away by UK households.

If prevented, this would have the environmental benefit equivalent to taking a quarter of all cars off the road.

Councillor Andrea Davis, Devon County Council’s cabinet member for Cllr Andrea DavisInfrastructure, Development and Waste said: “The best way of reducing the amount of food in your kerbside collection is to avoid wasting food in the first place.
“Try to plan your meals and check your cupboards, fridge and freezer before you do your food shopping.
“Not only will you help to reduce food waste, you will save money at the same time. An average family could save up to £60 per month, that’s £700 a year that could go towards Christmas.”

Councillor Rodney Cann, North Devon Council’s executive member for the Environment, said: “Most North Devon residents are conscientious and do their bit to reduce food waste, however we recognise that people have busy lives and that’s why we hope that seeing these stickers on ‘bin day’ will remind people to use their food waste caddy.
“And remember, if you have run out of bio-degradable food caddy liners you can also line them with newspaper.”

You can reduce food waste by composting uncooked food, vegetable peelings, fruit peelings, coffee grounds and tea bags at home. Click here for more information and how to get a FREE fridge thermometer.

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