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Posted on: 30 January 2018

Devon County Council is planning to carry out a review of on-street parking in Sidmouth.

The authority will be examining whether people in the town feel residents’ parking permits are needed in some roads.

The review will focus on parking in areas near the town centre where residents typically do not have off-street parking and may experience displacement of vehicles used by shoppers and commuters, making parking near their homes difficult.

An initial letter drop will be to properties to either side of the A375 in the area bounded by the A3052, A375 (Sidford Road), Manstone Lane, Alexandria Road, B3176 (Station Road), The Esplanade, and The River Sid to identify whether restrictions are desired.

Councillor Stuart Hughes

Councillor Stuart Hughes, Devon County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highway Management and local member for Sidmouth, said: “This is an important issue which I’ve discussed with the traffic management team, and we need this review to find the best way to manage on-street parking in the town. Residents need to be able to park near their homes but we want to hear what people have to say on any proposals to change parking arrangements.”

Residents in the areas under consideration should receive letters next month providing information on the review and giving them the opportunity to comment on whether they would support residents’ parking.

3 comments on “On-street parking review in Sidmouth

  1. Richard says:


    I’ve not received any letter about the parking been reviewed nor have any of my neighbor’s. I would suggest you have not canvased my street which is mentioned by Councillor Hughes, this is rather disconcerting as the thoughts of people on my street are that resident park is long over due in this old parts of town.

  2. stephanie johnson says:

    How can I get a review of parking in my area?

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