On-street parking review in Sidmouth

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Posted on: 30 January 2018

Devon County Council is planning to carry out a review of on-street parking in Sidmouth.

The authority will be examining whether people in the town feel residents’ parking permits are needed in some roads.

The review will focus on parking in areas near the town centre where residents typically do not have off-street parking and may experience displacement of vehicles used by shoppers and commuters, making parking near their homes difficult.

An initial letter drop will be to properties to either side of the A375 in the area bounded by the A3052, A375 (Sidford Road), Manstone Lane, Alexandria Road, B3176 (Station Road), The Esplanade, and The River Sid to identify whether restrictions are desired.

Councillor Stuart Hughes

Councillor Stuart Hughes, Devon County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highway Management and local member for Sidmouth, said: “This is an important issue which I’ve discussed with the traffic management team, and we need this review to find the best way to manage on-street parking in the town. Residents need to be able to park near their homes but we want to hear what people have to say on any proposals to change parking arrangements.”

Residents in the areas under consideration should receive letters next month providing information on the review and giving them the opportunity to comment on whether they would support residents’ parking.

15 comments on “On-street parking review in Sidmouth

  1. Jo Randall says:

    I really hope that we do get residents parking … I live in Lawn Vista and it is a nightmare and getting worse.

  2. Paul says:

    Please explain, what do residents parking mean, residents that live in that street or anyone who lives nearby ?

    • Hi Paul, I’m afraid it’s too early to say. The scope of any residents’ parking is still to be considered – the review is currently ascertaining the extent of the issues in Sidmouth and as yet no scheme design work has been carried out.

  3. Maria Galvez says:

    Leaving those few parking spaces near the shops for residents only will make even more difficult to spend time and money in town. Or anything that takes more than 30 minutes, like a church service. Short stay parking restrictions are simply too short, it will in my opinion finish the town.

  4. Angela Bea says:

    Hi, I live in a road owned by EDDC (approach to Manstone workshops) and am theoretically therefore not effected. However the overspill from Manstone Lane, particularly of church goers several times a week, would significantly impact my parking space, which the council refuses to make into a disabled space. Generally I think it would be a bad idea to introduce this system around Sidmouth, because of the many visiting carers to elderly, sometime several times a day, and I would by far prefer the money were spent on a decent ‘park and ride’ facility for visitors, possibly at the top of Woolbrook, as was once suggested. Trying to keep the traffic flowing around town generally, couldn’t you reconsider the one-way down Temple Street and one way up Station Rd, which was also proposed and then forgotten?

  5. C. Carroll says:

    I have just received the letter re Parking Consultation and wish to respond online. Why provide a link that cannot be used. This does not inspire me with confidence.

  6. Richard Eley says:

    I have also tried without success to access the documents.

    I am also trying to establish the cost of this consultation, the costs of implementing residents only parking, and whether DCC has conducted an Economic Impact Assessment.

    I will also be asking who is being consulted, including businesses, and especially those who are dependent upon staff and visitor parking.

    I will also ask if the £30 charge is fixed for any given period, or whether it can be increased in due course. I suspect it will.

    My overwhelming feeling is that this money could be better spent on providing more parking capacity, street cleaning and the repair of pot holes.


    I received one of the maildrop letters but the link to enter views online about resident parking is not active. I live in Primley Road close to the College and this road is not unduly busy with commuter parking. Of course, that may change if resident parking is introduced further into town which means commuters will have to park further away from the centre. We do have an influx of vehicles during Sidmouth College term times when pupils are dropped off in the mornings and picked up in the afternoon but drivers are only here briefly and would most likely not pay much attention to resident parking signs if only parking a couple of minutes. Occasionally there are unknown cars just outside my home all day that belong to persons attending the college but overall it is not a big problem. The flip side of resident parking is the impact it has on genuine visitors to local homes. Even resident parking between 10:00 and 16:30 would have an impact on genuine visitors and not many residents will want to be forced to buy permits either for themselves or purchase a book of visitor tickets. Many homes only have parking off road for one vehicle. On balance having considered the matter I am certainly NOT in favour of introducing a resident parking scheme in Primley Road at the present time.

  8. John says:

    Received the consultation letter and tried to use the link provided to post my comments.

    The site simply says ‘Page not found’

  9. Cheryl Watson says:

    I have received the Parking Consultation letter from Devon County Council. I totally appreciate the frustration felt by Sidmouth residents, who live on a street where there is no off-road parking. In areas where this is the case, I think Residents’ Parking Permits should be introduced. However, I do not think this should apply where off-road parking is sufficient for residents. Sidmouth does have a parking problem, particularly during school holidays, national holidays and Folk Week. I believe that an “out of town” Park and Ride would go a long way to solving the problem. This would make a much more pleasurable experience for visitors, as well as keeping Sidmouth residents happy.

  10. Rob Mitchell says:

    This form is difficult to find, sidmouthparking does not work in the address bar!

    12 to 22, Glebelands, Sidmouth (not Newton Pop.)
    We get a lot of parking from people working in the town but not usually a problem for me as a resident as there are places to park that would not normally be used by non-residents due to obstructing garages. One problem we do have is with delivery vans and lorries when people park close to the corners at the end of the cul-de-sac. Drivers find it very difficult to manoevre a larger vehicle past the parked cars at times. Also dropped kerbs are sometimes blocked and the civil enforcement offciers never seem to come up this far.

  11. Richard says:


    I’ve not received any letter about the parking been reviewed nor have any of my neighbor’s. I would suggest you have not canvased my street which is mentioned by Councillor Hughes, this is rather disconcerting as the thoughts of people on my street are that resident park is long over due in this old parts of town.

  12. stephanie johnson says:

    How can I get a review of parking in my area?

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