One-stop-shop resource for Repair and Reuse launched

Posted on: 22 November 2018

Recycle Devon’s new Reuse page went live this week and is one of the most comprehensive online resources on reuse, repair and upcycling in the UK.

The launch follows the anniversary of the worldwide Repair Café movement last month which saw hundreds of enthusiastic residents flock to Devon’s numerous Repair Cafes.

Repair Cafés are free meeting places where people can bring their broken possessions to be fixed by expert volunteers instead of buying new.

The new page ensures that everything you need to know is in one place including links to where to find your local Repair Café and what to expect when you get there.

There is a section on reuse shops at recycling centres, local reuse charities, and fun activities for children.

The updated easy-to-use reuse it directory is on this page where you can find local menders, fixers and hire shops.

There’s a section on all the ways you can avoid items ending up for disposal by giving them away, selling or donating them instead on sites like ebay and freecycle.

The environmental impact calculator allows you to work out by much you have reduced the impact on the environment as a result of your donations. You can then share it on social media to encourage others.

Also included are free downloadable factsheets for the budding upcycler and if are at a loss for ideas there is a gallery to provide inspiration.

Councillor Andrea Davis, the Chairman of Devon Authorities Strategic

Councillor Andrea Davis

Waste Committee and Devon County Council’s Cabinet Member for Waste and Infrastructure said:

“This is a fantastic free resource for Devon residents, there isn’t another one quite like it in the UK.
“If you are stuck for ideas with what to do with that old item or want to know where your local reuse charities are, this is the place to look.
“Reusing, repairing and upcycling old possessions not only helps conserve the planet’s resources by reducing the amount we need to buy new, but it can also save you money.”

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