One young man’s journey raised money for Hospice UK

Finley with his bike smiling at the camera Finley decided to do a sponsored bike ride to raise money for Hospice UK

Posted on: 30 November 2020

Here’s a story written by one of the young people we work with. He’s done something that he’s very proud of, just as we are of him!

‘I am writing this article to share my story about an important person that I have lost as passed away due to cancer.

‘She was very close to our family and has been a great model for people in the local community, her name was Marion.

‘It’s almost been 3 years since she passed away but we still think about her.

‘I know that many people have to go through severe illnesses and they don’t have any one to look after them so I decided to do something to raise money and help as many people as possible.

‘Since I lost this person I got into lots of trouble in the community and school. I have lost sense of purpose in my life, it has been hard on me and my family.

‘I came to a point where I decided that it all had to change and I have been trying to make positive changes and turn my life around.

‘During lockdown I had time to reflect on things, and I decided that I wanted to do something to raise money for Hospice UK and support people fighting terminal illnesses.

‘Our nan was struggling to see, she had to go through a lot with her health, and the support she got from Hospice UK towards the end of her life was invaluable.

‘With that in mind I decided to do a sponsored bike ride to raise money for Hospice UK.
I chose to donate the money to that charity as they are looking after people who are nearing the end of life.

‘The services are provided by a team of health care professionals who maximize comfort for people who is terminally ill by reducing pain and addressing physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs.

‘We have then set up a link on the just giving website and asked people to sponsor us and donate to our cause, we were shocked with the response we had just from family and friends.

‘So during the October half term, on a sunny Monday morning myself and Richard, a professional I work with, went on 45 mile bike ride from Barnstaple to Okehampton. I felt brilliant knowing I was doing something good for other people.

‘I had lots of nice comments from family and friends that have donated to my cause and that made me feel proud.

‘When my legs were feeling sore and I was tired those comments kept me going. The thought of my nan inspired me not to stop.

‘We started around 8 and we were able to complete our bike ride 5 hours later.

‘Despite how tired I was it felt great, I felt that I owed it to all the people that donated, I have managed to raise £255 for Hospice UK.

‘I wish my initiative to do a sponsored bike ride will inspire more people to get active and help people in need.

‘I hope that this will be a start of a different chapter in my life book and people will be able to see that I am trying to make a change and I deserve a second chance.

‘I did this in nan’s memory and I know that she would be happy that we are helping others with the money we raised.

‘If you wish to donate to my cause you could go on the just giving website and donate to Finley’s Sponsored Bike Ride.

‘Thank you all for reading my article.

‘Sincerely, Finley’

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