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Permit will help care and health workers ‘to do their jobs’

Care and Health worker permit

Posted on: 9 January 2020

A new Care and Health Worker Parking Permit has been launched, and it allows professionals visiting people at home to park on double yellow lines in certain circumstances.

Currently care and health professionals who hold the existing permit can park in on-street, limited waiting and residents’ parking bays for no charge when delivering essential services to residents in their homes.

Holders of the improved permit will additionally be allowed to park on yellow lines for up to an hour – but only if there is no other parking available, if they are making a home visit, the permit is clearly displayed and the vehicle is not causing an obstruction.

The parked vehicle must not block access or pose a danger to road users by, for instance, parking on a corner.

The improved scheme is being launched initially as a year-long pilot and the changes are in recognition that in some communities parking can be difficult to find and can add to the stress of an already demanding job.

The new permits will be in the form of a time clock, like those issued to Blue Badge holders, which must be displayed.

For those working for care and health companies, agencies or organisations, including the NHS, the permits will be managed and distributed by their line manager who will allocate each permit to eligible staff.

Devon County Council’s Traffic Management Team has been contacting care and health companies, agencies and organisations with staff who could be eligible for the permit directly.

A separate process to allow eligible sole practitioners to apply will be phased in next year. Sole practitioners providing care and support to Devon clients in their homes can register their interest here by emailing

The new scheme follows a consultation in which 89 per cent of respondents agreed that including yellow lines in the scheme would make their jobs easier and 80 per cent said it would help them care for their clients.

Almost 65 per cent said it would help them manage stress and most said that parking near their clients’ homes would help them feel safer if they were working alone.

Councillor Stuart Hughes, Devon County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways Management, said:

Photo of Councillor Stuart Hughes

Councillor Stuart Hughes

“I’m delighted that this new scheme has been launched. Many care and health workers have told us that they struggle to park in some areas, and it can affect their ability to deliver essential services to vulnerable people and adds to their stress.
“We wanted to do something about that and that’s why I endorsed plans to look at how we can ensure that care and health workers making home visits will always have somewhere to park.”

Councillor Andrew Leadbetter, Devon County Council’s Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Health Services, said:

Councillor Andrew Leadbetter

Councillor Andrew Leadbetter

“Care and health workers are highly valued, they help some of the most vulnerable in our communities live in their homes for longer.
“This scheme will make it easier for them to do their jobs and improve access to those living at home.
“It will reduce the pressure that workers feel when looking for parking and help them to arrive at their appointments in good time, which will improve the service they can deliver.”

For further information please refer our web page.

5 comments on “Permit will help care and health workers ‘to do their jobs’

  1. Robert Neal says:

    i work Torridge,North Devon,not sure this will help.Would have been nice to be able to park on Double yellow lines during the day plus on single yellow lines and in Local district car parks or County on road parking without having to pay.Also in Permited parking without worrying about getting a ticket.It is a lot of stress trying to park to do visits,.unless you do the job you dont know.

    • david.beasley says:

      Hi Robert thanks for your message – unfortunately we don’t own the carparks, the district councils do. But in regards to our yellow lines that’s the point of the scheme to allow care workers to park on yellow lines while they are doing their jobs, if no other parking is available.
      The permit is free and you can obtain it through your care company. The permit allows you to park in residents parking, limited waiting and pay and display on the highway. If none of those are available then permit holders can use double yellow lines.

  2. Andy Thorne says:

    Absolutely welcome. As a busy self employed carer throughout Exeter and Topsham, my stress levels rocket with parking problems

  3. Carrie hoile says:

    This will make such a difference to the care we provide no more worrying about parking 5 or 10 minute away and walking to the property. We can spend that extra time with the client. Thank you so much .

  4. sarah Sabater Romero says:

    Fantastic News. This has been such a problem for our staff working in the community, especially in the summer months where there is an increased number of vehicles. Thank you!

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