Phase one of Braunton flood improvement scheme completed

Flooding in Braunton

Posted on: 3 April 2017

The first phase of a two-stage scheme to reduce flood risk in Braunton has now been completed.

Following the completion of work to upgrade the gravity drainage system, Caen Street was reopened to traffic on Friday March 31.

The work saw the installation of larger diameter drainage pipes and an improved outlet which will allow surface water to flow from the middle of the road in Caen Street toward the river.

The scheme is one of Devon County Council’s main flood defence priorities, and is designed to reduce the risk of flooding to commercial properties in Caen Street, at the heart of Braunton.

It will also reduce flood-associated problems experienced by traffic heading to and from communities west of Braunton.

Phase two, the installation of a pumping station off the highway adjacent to the watercourse downstream of Caen Bridge, will start after the summer holiday period.

The pumping station will operate when river levels are high and the gravity drainage system is unable to discharge into the river and unable to alleviate surface water flooding.

The road won’t be closed during the second phase of the work, although traffic lights may be needed.

Once completed the scheme will achieve a protection standard of up to a 1 in 50 year surface water flood event and will complement the fluvial flood improvements carried out on the River Caen by the Environment Agency.

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