Planned closure of Old Rydon Lane in Exeter

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Posted on: 25 November 2019

A section of Old Rydon Lane in Exeter will be closed for five days next month while work is carried out to introduce a new cycle lane.

From Monday 9 December to Friday 13 December, Old Rydon Lane will be closed from Oaklea to the rear access of Sandy Park to enable the development of a one-way, contra-flow cycle lane.

During the closure, a signed diversion will be in place via –

Clockwise: from the junction of Newcourt Way and Old Rydon Lane, north along Newcourt Way to A379 Spur Road, turn right to Sandygate roundabout. From here take the A376 Sidmouth Road, U-turn around the Clyst St Mary roundabout, head north west back along A376 Sidmouth Road and turn left into Clyst Road.
Anticlockwise: the reverse of this route, but without the detour around Clyst St Mary roundabout.

7 comments on “Planned closure of Old Rydon Lane in Exeter

  1. woody says:

    Another route into one of the most gridlocked cities in the country taken away. The traffic now on the Clyst St Mary roundabout in the mornings is worse since that route was taken away. All for cyclists. How this was passed as a good idea is beyond me as there are loads of cycle paths already through sowton and along to topsham. Whom does it serve?

    • Graham says:

      Not done for cyclists……people walk this road too, and residents have far fewer people driving at speed past their properties.

  2. Gfareday says:

    Great news, Looking forward to seeing it, I cycle that road regularly. The traffic and pedestrians from Sandy Park is very heavy at turn out time, good behaviour, I’ve never minded walking it, but am interested to see how it all turns out. Will the shared cycle path along the railway link up with old Rydon Lane so we don’t have to cycle around the steps? 👍

  3. Graham Heysett says:

    I hope the contraflow will be hard segregated to prevent motor vehicle drivers entering and causing a hazard to oncoming cyclists. Painted lines do nothing to protect cyclists.

    • Graham says:

      Well it’s happened already. Colleague cycling towards Clyst St Mary overtaken on the bend with driver going into the contraflow cycle lane. Could not have seen anyone cycling towards and would have hit them!

  4. A Rapley says:

    Advanced warnings are always welcome but to those of us who do not know road names or numbers perhaps a map would be helpful

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