Punchbowl Recycling Centre in Crediton to open seven days a week from Friday 22 May

waste at recycling centre

Posted on: 21 May 2020

Punchbowl Recycling Centre in Crediton is reopening seven days a week from Friday 22 May.

Members of the public are asked to only use the recycling centres if they are unable to store the waste at home.

The recycling centre will be open 9am – 5pm weekdays and 10am -6pm weekends.
To protect the public and staff a series of health protection measures will be in force, including a one-in one-out policy and two-metre social distancing guidelines.

These measures mean for the time being site staff will not be able to assist with unloading waste and is likely to cause significant delays and queues.

If queues become too long people will be asked to return later. Residents are advised to postpone their visit where possible.

In addition:
• Residents displaying coronavirus symptoms, are asked not to visit the recycling centres.
• Only cars without trailers, with a maximum of two adults per vehicle, will be permitted on site.
• To keep unloading times to a minimum, trailers, vans, pick-ups and commercial vehicles will not be granted access for the time being.
• Payments on site must be by credit/debit card only

Councillor Andrea Davis, Devon County Council’s Cabinet Member for Infrastructure, Development and Waste, said;

Photo of Councillor Andrea Davis

Councillor Andrea Davis

“The safety of the public and staff is our top priority and lengthy waiting times should be expected due to the new restrictions in place.
“If the queues become too long unfortunately, we will have no choice but to ask the public to return at a later date. I would urge residents not to queue on the public highway thereby risking their safety and that of other road users.
“For the time being the recycling centre is for people cannot store waste at home, and if possible they should use the regular kerbside collections for disposal. If, however, there is no other legal way of disposing of it, then they can bring it to Punchbowl. “We are working to restore normal service as soon as it is safe to do so, and we appreciate your patience at this time.”

Councillor Nick Way, the local county councillor for Crediton, said: “It’s good

Councillor Nick Way

news that the recycling centre will be open seven days a week. But it will be busy and because of reduced capacity there will be long queues. So please, unless its urgent, I would advise the public to delay their visit for a few days at least where possible or if its garden waste to use the kerbside collection service.
“It would help us better manage initial demand and reduce waiting times.”

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