Recycle your bathroom plastics!

Posted on: 12 September 2016

Devon residents are being reminded that they can recycle items from their bathrooms including shampoo and cleaning product bottles.

Almost a quarter (24%) of plastic shampoo and shower gel bottles and 19% of cleaning product bottles don’t get recycled*.

And to help people out, a new one-stop shop webpage has been created by Recycle Devon to help them find out what can and cannot be recycled at the click of a mouse.

Recycle Devon is  a partnership of 10 councils including Devon County Council, eight district authorities and one unitary council.

The webpage’s launch coincides with the start of National Recycle Week (Monday September 12 to Friday September 18).

Last year the recycling rate in the county – the amount of collected waste recycled – was around 55% and Devon has consistently been one of the top four recycling counties in England over several years.

However while it’s become routine to recycle the usual suspects in our kitchens – including plastic milk containers – some items around the home are escaping the recycling bin and slipping through the net.

These ‘unusual suspects’ also include items like toilet roll tubes and aerosols, bathroom plastic bottles and bottles for cleaning products.

Annette Dentith, Principal Waste Manager at Devon County Council, one of the authorities in the Recycle Devon partnership, said: “

“I want to say a big thank you to all of Devon’s residents for the fantastic recycling that they already do.

“It’s thanks to everybody’s hard work that Devon has maintained its position as one of the top recycling  counties in the country, and that makes me very proud.

“But we can do even better and with this new webpage people will be able to check exactly what unusual suspect items they can recycle in their area.

“Bathroom plastic bottles are one of the items that everyone can recycle but are often forgotten about when it comes to recycling day.

“Please, have a look at our website as it will help us improve Devon’s recycling rate even further!”

  • Recycling one bleach bottle saves enough energy power a street light for 6½ hours
  • Recycling one shower gel bottle saves enough energy to toast nearly 3 rounds of bread
  • Recycling one shampoo bottle saves enough energy to toast 4½ rounds of bread
  • Newspapers are made from 100% recycled materials?
  • Recycled plastic bottles can transform their identity to the point they are unrecognisable – children’s toys, t-shirts, fleeces, garden furniture for example.

4 comments on “Recycle your bathroom plastics!

  1. Lesley says:

    Great news ….although I already did recycle bathroom plastics. But are you going to be recycling food waste soon. Uncooked vegetables, tea bags, etc. I would welcome being able to contribute to making compost for the county.

  2. John white says:

    Can you advise how cardboard should be disposed off?

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