Reducing Your Risk of Dementia

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Posted on: 7 September 2017

We can’t change our age or our genes and there is currently no way we can completely prevent dementia.  However there may be some simple things we can all do that might help lower our risk.

Risk factors for cardiovascular disease, like heart disease and stroke, are also risk factors for dementia.

Leading a healthy lifestyle and taking regular exercise will help lower your risk of cardiovascular diseases, and it’s likely that you could be lowering your risk of dementia too, particularly vascular dementia.

Here’s a report on it.

In the meantime, top tips for a healthy lifestyle:

–  Don’t smoke
–  Control high blood pressure
–  Control blood glucose level if you have diabetes
–  Keep cholesterol at a healthy level
–  Only drink alcohol with NHS guidelines
–  Eat a healthy balanced diet
–  Maintain a healthy weight
–  Keep physically and mentally active

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