Road safety ‘Zoo Song’ could save lives

The launch of the road safety ‘Zoo Song’

Posted on: 2 December 2015

The lives of hundreds of school children in Devon could be saved thanks to a new road safety song.

Willand Primary School children launched the ‘Zoo Song’ with a live performance in a special assembly.

The song was written by Devon County Council’s Safer Travel Officer Andrew Priest, who along with Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service’s (DSFRS) Laura Pratt headed up a road safety day.

The song supports road safety charity The Honest Truth who use
animal behaviours and imagery to highlight the dangers.

The finishing touch to the song was the addition of a professionally created animation featuring animal characters.

Since 2008 more than 80 children have been seriously injured or killed on roads Devon’s roads.

During the launch day, DSFRS’s education and road safety teams educated Willand Primary School’s year 5 and 6 pupils in a series of classes and practical demonstrations.

A fire appliance with fire crews from Cullompton spent the day showing the children the dangers of being a pedestrian in and around larger vehicles.

And in a special school assembly more than 300 children sung along to the chorus of the Zoo Song on a large projected screen.

Members of DSFRS wore animal masks and role-played a series of scenarios in a mock-up car.

These included driving while talking on a mobile phone and warning children of the dangers of distracting mum and dad while they are driving.

When one of the animal characters did something dangerous the children were encouraged to shout ‘Stop! Stop!Stop!’

Councillor Stuart Hughes, Devon County Council’s Cabinet Member with responsibility for road safety said:

“There have been 85 child pedestrians either seriously injured or killed in Devon over the last 5 years in Devon, with over half of these injuries occurring on the journey to or from school.
“That is why the Zoo song has such a vital role to play.”

Anne Hawkins, Head teacher Willand School, said:

“We work hard to make sure the children have consistent messages about how to keep themselves safe in the world in which we live.
“Road Safety is one aspect of this and the Zoo Song delivers the key messages in such a fun and engaging way that the children love it and are sure to remember it!”

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