Shaldon Bridge closed this Friday (17 February 2017)

Shaldon BridgeShaldon Bridge

Posted on: 16 February 2017

Shaldon Bridge will be closed to all vehicles and pedestrians on Friday (17 February) from 0830 until 2130.

Devon County Council is undertaking a trial opening following recent repairs, refurbishment and adjustments.

The opening will be gradual to allow for further adjustment and maintenance as required.

Cranes will be on site for safety reasons for inspections within the structure at different phases of the operation.

The alternative, signed, route for vehicles will be via Teignmouth Road, B3199, Riviera Way, A380, Torquay Road, Besignheim Way, and vice versa.

Councillor Stuart Hughes, Devon County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highway Management, said:

“While it is many years since the 85 year old lifting span was opened for commercial reasons, there is an Act of Parliament requiring it to remain operational and be kept in working order so it can be opened, at a cost, for passage of vessels.

“The bridge was partially lifted in October, but a problem with the mechanical winding gear meant it could not be fully opened.

“We’ve now carried out repairs and are ready to trial opening it again.

“It is likely that the bridge will be fully opened on Friday, which will be the first time in over a decade, and if our repair works have been successful the bridge should be fully operational.

“We appreciate that this closure will cause some disruption, and we have scheduled the work to take place during the half term break to minimise this.”

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