Shop local to support Devon’s economy

man stood looking into a shop window Local shops will be open in the run-up to Christmas

Posted on: 9 December 2020

The impact of the national lockdowns and ongoing restrictions is continuing to be felt by businesses across Devon, particularly in the retail and leisure industry.  

High streets across the county reopened last week and are eager to welcome back shoppers in the run up to Christmas, which has traditionally been their busiest time.

Shopping locally and supporting Devon’s retailers and traders is really important.

It means your money stays in Devon and boosts the local economy, supporting jobs and livelihoods for thousands of residents.

It’s also better for the environment as produce sold in high street butchers, bakers, grocers and local eateries are likely to have travelled less miles and require minimal packaging.

Please remember if you are visiting the high street, to adhere to the national health and safety guidance to help protect yourself and others. This includes:

  • wearing a face covering inside any shop or business
  • keeping a safe distance from people outside of your household
  • washing your hands or using sanitiser frequently
  • using cashless payments when possible.

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