St Peter’s School rated excellent

Phil Randall, Headteacher at St Peter's

Posted on: 5 June 2019

St Peter’s Church of England secondary school in Exeter has been awarded the top grade of excellent following a two-day inspection.

Church of England inspectors visited the school last month and have given it their top rating following a judgement of good five years ago.

Lead inspector Pamela Draycott said: “The attainment and progress of all is closely monitored and effective individualised support is in place for the more vulnerable.

“A range of values are exceptionally well developed across the curriculum.

“Along with the inspirational leadership of the headteacher and lay chaplain, senior leaders and governors have a shared understanding of the vision and use it as a touchstone when making decisions and setting priorities.

“The Christian vision and its associated principles successfully energise all aspects of the school’s life in exemplary ways. Through them, staff and pupils positively work together to flourish.”

Ms Draycott said that the wellbeing of staff, pupils and families was taken seriously through compassionate and practical pastoral support. Pupils themselves took a role in supporting their peers.

“Personal responsibility is given an extremely high priority,” she said.

“This is admirably expressed through pupils taking responsibility for themselves and others inside and outside of school.”

She said collective worship was central to school life through which pupils were successfully helped to consider the relevance of biblical teaching to life today.That encouraged them to act positively in the service of others.

The Religious Education Team were described as having “very good leadership which has led to improvement to the curriculum and to attitudes to learning.”

St Peter’s chair of governors, Karen Leach, said: “The last inspection in June 2014, under a less demanding framework, rated the school as good so to get the top grade of excellent is very pleasing and recognition of the enormous efforts of students, staff, parents and governors.”

Headteacher Phil Randall said: “The excellent inspection outcome is all about how as a community we have worked together relentlessly to deliver our vision of, life to the full for everyone.

“It is absolutely a team effort over five years that has brought this excellent outcome.

I would like to say well done and thank you to staff, students, parents, carers and governors.

“There is still plenty for us to develop and we look forward to building on this success.”

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