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Sugar Smart holds training to tackle sugar intake

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Posted on: 21 June 2018

A campaign to raise awareness of the daily sugar intake called Sugar Smart is holding a training session for people in and around Cranbrook to become Sugar Smart Ambassadors.

 The event, happening on the afternoon of Tuesday 26 June at The Cranbrook Education Campus, aims to provide free training, equipping volunteers to go out and spread the word for the campaign. 

The session will help people to understand what it is to be a Sugar Smart Ambassador by explaining the key messages of the charity, how to live a healthy lifestyle and will explore actions people can take to promote the campaign.  

The Sugar Smart campaign is run by Jamie Oliver and Sustain and helps local authorities, organisations, workplaces and individuals. It focuses on raising awareness of the daily sugar intake and how it is exceeded, sometimes by as much as 5 times.

 The campaign doesn’t want to make people feel as though they shouldn’t eat sugar. Instead, it wants to help people know the amount of sugar they eat and how to reduce sugar levels if they are too high. 

The idea to encourage Cranbrook to be a Sugar Smart community came because it has an unusually young population, providing an ideal opportunity to explore an innovative approach to health and wellbeing.

 For more information on Sugar Smart, visit the website

 To sign up, go to

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