Support for return to school in Devon

school children in class

Posted on: 25 March 2021

A special fund has been set up by Devon County Council to support children having difficulties returning to school.

The £1.9 million fund is being financed with Government cash to tackle the effects of the pandemic.

The county council announced that more than 95 per cent of children were back in school in Devon at the end of the first week of full opening.

Devon County Council’s Head of Education, Dawn Stabb, said:

“The attendance rate of 95 per cent reflects that seen in a normal year which is really positive.

“But we are also aware of the increased support some children with additional needs may require. These children might have been shielding throughout the pandemic for example and are feeling particularly anxious about returning to school.

“So we wanted to be able to provide extra, short-term support that we might not otherwise have been able to afford when schools or our own staff refer them to us.

“This financial support means that if a child is suffering from anxiety or with emotional, health and wellbeing difficulties then we can provide that extra help.

“This might include for example, some sessions with a youth worker, ensuring counselling is available or supporting their school to provide a personalised curriculum for a short time. This can all support their return to school.”

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