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Posted on: 12 August 2020

One of the clear messages coming out nationally is the growing evidence that suggests that being obese or excessively overweight puts those people at greater risk of serious illness from COVID-19.

You’re no more likely to catch it if you’re obese or overweight, but statistically you’re more likely to become seriously ill from it than someone with a healthy body mass index.

We’ve got One Small Step in Devon to help us, but there’s also a range of free tools and apps that everyone can use, to help us eat better, drink less alcohol and be more active.

The NHS Better Health website has all the information, plus how to get the new app for the free 12-week NHS Weight Loss Plan.

You can also self-check your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes by using Diabetes UK’s ‘know your risk’ tool.  Those living with diabetes face a significantly higher risk of dying with COVID-19.

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