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My life, in a book

If there was ever a book that speaks to a child so clearly; that prompts conversation and that encourages emotion; and that’s rarely left on the shelf to gather dust, it’s my life story

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More than half of the children awaiting adoption in the south west are in sibling groups

57 percent of the children in the South West waiting for adoptive families are brothers and sisters in groups of two or more according to new information published today to mark National Adoption Week , this week.

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Could you be a parent to a vulnerable child?

There is currently a misconception across Devon that there are no children waiting for adoption, but this just is not true. We know there are a number of adopters out there who are waiting to be matched to the right child or children for them, and a key priority of ours is to find them the children they are looking for.

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Adopt South West

Adopt South West prioritises the search for adoptive families for children most in need

Our priority now, across the Adopt South West partnership, is finding those big-hearted individuals who can become a forever family for children who wait the longest.

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National Adoption Week

Are children too old for adoption at four?

During National Adoption Week 2015, Adopt South West – a partnership of adoption agencies – including Devon County Council, – are working together to highlight the plight of these vulnerable children and to help them find forever families.

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baby in re-usable nappy

Foster to Adopt: Rachel and Ben’s story

Rachel and Ben from Exeter are almost at the end of their foster to adopt journey, with their application to adopt 26 week old Chloe due to be decided on by the courts at the end of September. They have shared their Devon Adoption story with us…

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Call for potential parents who want to adopt to consider fostering first

Babies and children, who are likely to be adopted, can wait months in foster care sometimes moving from carer to carer. Devon County Council is calling for potential parents who want to adopt to consider fostering first under new plans to help reduce disruption to children in care

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