Taking the temperature of life in Devon

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Posted on: 8 June 2016

A new survey of people across Devon has been launched to see how good the county is as a place to live, work, raise a family and grow old.

The online survey looks at many different aspects of life in Devon from job opportunities to affordable homes, health and social care support to how much we care about our local environment.

It also seeks to measure how strong and resilient community life is across different parts of the county.

The survey aims to provide local public bodies with a useful barometer on a range of important issues to help inform future decision-making.

It is hoped that it may also highlight issues of greatest concern to local people so that action can be taken.

Cllr Barry Parsons“This is a really important survey and a golden opportunity for people to tell us what they really think about life in Devon today,” says Barry Parsons, Cabinet Member for Performance and Engagement.

“Not only will it provide a valuable temperature check on how well we are all dealing with the issues that affect people’s daily lives, it will also provide a snapshot of how well different communities are coping.

“We want to hear from as many people as possible so I ask everyone to not only complete the survey themselves but to share it across their networks of friends, family and other contacts across Devon.”

The survey, which is open until Friday 22 July, is available  on the Devon County Council Have Your Say website.

The results will be published online during August, or those wishing to subscribe to email updates and get them delivered straight to their inbox.

Click on the button below to take part in the survey now!

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1 comment on “Taking the temperature of life in Devon

  1. Simon says:

    Kingskerswell with a population of nearly 5000 totally lacks shops an is about to loose its post office. A lot of elderly people live in Kingskerswell and there are hardly any shops left for them to use.

    1) We had a post office and newsagents now the newsagents has gone and soon the PO will be gone. 🙁
    2) We still have a small COOP but I feel its days are numbered 🙁
    3) With the bypass open we will probably loose businesses on the old A380 including the garage which sells basic groceries.

    It won’t be long before every one of the 4500 residents of Kingskerswell are forced to trek to Newton Abbot or Torquay for the most basic of items. Not very environmentally friendly by expecting people to have to drive into town and pollute for simple items. We feel that we’ve been left high and dry since the bypass opened.

    Look at all the shops in tiny villages like Chagford? We have over 4 times their population and we’ve hardly anything.

    We would like in Kingskerswell:
    A decent sized coop or other supermarket grocers
    A post office/ newsagents
    A cafe
    A shop selling a variety of items such as hardware, paint, books, tools etc.
    NOT loose our garage or fish & chip shop

    The council should cut business rates to a very small amount to encourage shops to open up in our village and perhaps legitimate street traders be allowed to set up free of charge.

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