‘There has been no breach of the Code of Conduct’, concludes Standards Committee

County Hall

Posted on: 1 September 2017

Allegations that a Chairman of a Devon County Council Scrutiny Committee breached the Council’s own Code of Conduct have been unanimously rejected by an all-party Standards Committee.

Members of the Standards Committee, whose role is to make sure that the Council’s democratic process runs in accordance with strict procedural guidelines, dismissed complaints that Cllr Sara Randall Johnson had performed her function as Chairman of the independent Health Scrutiny Committee inappropriately.

Following an independent investigation, the Standards Committee unanimously concluded that the allegations were unproven; that the Councillor had not breached the Code of Conduct; and that no punitive action or sanction was warranted against her.

Members however acknowledged that the episode did not reflect well on the Council’s reputation and that the behaviour of several councillors on the day was generally less than could have been expected.

In response they agreed that the Councillor be reminded of the importance of the independent work of scrutiny committees, reinforcing the values of neutrality and scrupulous fairness. It also recommended further training for all Members of Council committees on the rules of debate and procedures within committee meetings where there was evident confusion, and for all Chairmen and Vice Chairmen of Council Scrutiny Committees in the management of these procedures at meetings.

To read the Standards Committee report and resolution, please visit the Council’s website.

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