Trading standards officer up for ‘better business’ award

Posted on: 3 March 2016

An officer for Devon and Somerset Trading Standards Service has been shortlisted for a national ward for his work in forging closer ties between businesses and regulatory bodies.

Dawlish Warren’s Tim Milsom, who was the owner of Exminster Garage for 27 years before joining the service, has been nominated twice for the Better Business for All (BBfA) ‘Individual ambassador’ award – once by Devon County Council and again by the Devon & Somerset Alliance.*

The BBfA is a nationwide initiative aimed at bringing businesses and regulators together. There are now over 160 local authorities in 18 Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) areas.

The first Better Business for All (BBfA) awards is on 8 March 2016, and will showcase the work of BBfA partnerships across the country since the initial development of the programme in 2011-2012.

As chair of both the area’s Business Focus Panel and the Steering Group, which represents 19 local authorities across Devon and Somerset, Tim, has made a real impact by improving the way regulation is delivered and received.

His role is to help debunk the myth held by many businesses that that compliance with regulatory services is a bureaucratic barrier to successful trade.

He draws on his experience as a businessman to help convince smaller businesses that complying with regulators is not only in their best interests, but more profitable.

Tim Milsom said: “It has been emphatically proven that the regulatory services can Tim Milsomactively contribute to business growth.
“By clarifying what needs to be done business can save both time and money.”

Tim has helped forged a strong partnership between regulatory services and the local BBfA area’s economic development teams

He added: “The BBfA creates a more prosperous and competitive local economy.  And creates a level playing field for business.
“Collectively Devon and Somerset’s regulatory services carry out over 60,000 business engagements a year providing business advice and support.
“I’m pleased to have been nominated for this award because it highlights the important work my colleagues across Devon & Somerset have been trying to achieve.”

Local partnerships have received support from Local Enterprise Partnerships, authority chief executives, Growth Hubs, FSB, Chambers of Commerce, and many other stakeholders since their conception, in order to make their activities as effective as possible.

Partnerships have enabled regulators to understand businesses better and tailor their services to meet business needs.

Councillor Roger Croad, Devon County Council’s Cabinet member with responsibility for Trading Standards, said: “Even before the Devon and Somerset Cllr Roger CroadBBfA partnership began,  Tim was endorsing the concept and principles of BBfA to colleagues, at inspections and with business stakeholders. Tim has been the driving force behind the programme.
“As Chair of the Steering Group, his enthusiasm and positivity has led to focused and productive meetings.
“And as chair of the business Focus Panel he has overcome challenges to ensure regular attendance from businesses and has involved the LEP. Tim has been praised for how engaged he is with the business community and how his passion has been inspiring.
“His strong drive to benefit the businesses in Devon and Somerset and ability to involve organisations in the BBfA partnership really stands out.”

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