Turf cutting ceremony heralds start of work on new recycling centre

Posted on: 22 March 2016

Traffic queues for the recycling centre in Ivybridge could become a thing of the past once the Devon County Council’s (DCC) new state-of the art facility opens next year.

DCC’s Cabinet Member for waste and recycling Councillor Roger Croad made the comments at a ceremony marking the official start of construction work.

Dignitaries from three authorities donned their hard hats and picked up spades on the site opposite the Ivybridge football and tennis clubs for the Turf Cutting ceremony on Tuesday March 22.

Joining Councillor Croad was Cllr Christine Channon, Devon County Council’s Chairman, DCC’s local member for Yealmpton Cllr Richard Hosking – the site straddles two electoral divisions, Ivybridge and Yealmpton – Ivybridge’s Mayor Cllr David Gray-Taylor and South Hams District Council’s Ward Member for Ermington and Ugborough, Tom Holway.

Once complete the new centre will replace the old recycling centre at Bridge Court and  will incorporate a modern split level design.

This will enable the public to dispose of their waste from a higher area directly into the containers, which will be placed at a lower level, at the same time HGV’s remove containers of waste.

A long access road and a dedicated sales area, where re-usable items can be purchased, will also be added.

Councillor Croad, who is also local member for Ivybridge, said: “Currently we have a Cllr Roger Croadsmall site which is totally inadequate and people have to climb steps – in the new centre there will be no steps.
“A long access road will be built. People are queuing along the Ermington Road to dispose of their rubbish, causing disruption up near the garages.
“In the new facility there will be no queuing onto the Ermington Road. We also recognise people reuse quite a lot and at the moment they can’t buy used items at the Bridge Road centre. The new facilities new dedicated resales area will change that.

“Twelve years ago my predecessor Ted Mitchell said he wanted to see three things for Ivybridge; a brand new library, a stop to waste going to landfill and a new recycling centre “We delivered the new state of the art library six years ago and the Energy from Waste Plant (EFW) in Plymouth opened in December so that stopped everything going to landfill.
“And now here we are at the start of a new recycling centre.”

Councillor Richard Hosking said: “This will be a wonderful facility; it will not only

Cllr Richard Hosking

Cllr Richard Hosking

serve Ivybridge but also the wider surrounding area. It is much needed and will also cater for the extension of Ivybridge in the easterly direction where something like five to six hundred houses are planned.”

Councillor Christine Channon said: “I am very proud of Devon County Council’s record on recycling and hopefully this facility will improve our rates further still.
“I want to thank Noel Regan & Sons who are our hosts this morning who are in charge of construction under the Cllr Christine Channonsupervision of DCCs Engineering Design Group.”

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