UPDATE: Planned overnight closure of Shaldon Bridge postponed until later this week

picture of Shaldon Bridge taken a distance away from the estuaryShaldon Bridge

Posted on: 25 February 2019

South West Water has repaired the mains water leak discovered last week during improvement work close to the Shaldon Bridge junction of the A379 Bitton Park Road in Teignmouth.

However, further investigation into the drainage issues has found the problem to be more extensive than first thought.

As a result we have decided to slightly delay the planned improvement work in the Shaldon Bridge junction area so as much of the work as possible can be coordinated, and the bridge won’t need to be closed for as many nights.

This means that the planned overnight closure of Shaldon Bridge and the junction with the A379 Bitton Park Road has been pushed back to later this week.

The bridge will now remain open until at least Thursday night when, depending on how work progresses to fix the drainage issues, a decision will be made about when to reinstate the overnight closure in order to continue the resurfacing and improvement work.

We apologise for the disruption caused and thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

6 comments on “UPDATE: Planned overnight closure of Shaldon Bridge postponed until later this week

  1. Sue Preston says:

    Please can you advise me whether Shaldon bridge is now fully open or whether it is closed on Friday 8th overnight

  2. Dale Carlton says:

    On Tuesday 26th we went out in the evening from Shaldon to Newton Abbot with the belief that the bridge would remain open. Whilst out someone advised us that the Devon Radio reported that the bridge would be closed. Can you confirm that this was true and if so did you put in any measure on the road to warn travelers of this change.

    • Hi Dale. The bridge was open, and it still is, and will remain open for the time being until our contractor is able to resolve the drainage problem. As soon as the revised programme is confirmed, re the timing of the bridge closure, we’ll be updating people via this channel, social media and local media. Thanks.

  3. Helen mahy says:

    The diversions set up are causing mayhem. They are not explaining where the diversions are leading to.
    As we were trying to get from. newton abbot to teignmouth and having local knowledge decided to use the back roads and fourth avenue was blocked so we carried on up mill lane then right at headway cross. This is a single track road with no passing places and as i was driving with cars behind me there were cars and van coming towards me. My husband got out to ask them to go backwards towards headway rise. This took about 10 mins. A police woman also was behind me and went to speak to drivers too. One of the drivers told us they were going to Teignmouth, another wanted dawlish but both were lost due to the poor road diversion signage. Can something be done aboit this? Or forget going in or out of Teignmouth until this is complete. My daughter also gave up on fourth avenue on trying to get her son to Beavers club. I know the work has to be done but a decent diversion signage and route should be put in place. Very annoying.

    • Thank you for the feedback, we have passed your comments onto the contractor and the traffic management supervisor for the site will drive all the diversion to make sure the signs are adequate and still in place. We have placed extra signs out on the highway network beyond the usual diversion signs at every junction. In addition to this Devon County Council has agreed to the provision of 4 variable message signs which are placed on all major approaches to Teignmouth / Shaldon. Devon are required to provide diversions along similarly sized roads. We accept that people will use minor roads to try and navigate around the junction and we ask that people do this in a safe and considerate manner, but it would not be a cost effective use of taxpayers money or practical to provide signage on minor roads. We ask that during this time people plan their journey before they travel. There is further information and FAQ’s provide on our webpage for the scheme – https://www.devon.gov.uk/roadsandtransport/traffic-information/roadworks/a379-bitton-park-road-teignmouth/

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