People in Great Torrington asked about healthcare

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Posted on: 9 October 2015

Residents in Great Torrington have until Friday 23 October to let the Council’s health scrutiny task group know what they think about healthcare in their community.

NEW Devon CCG and Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust introduced a new model of community based care in Torrington in 2013, which focusses on delivering healthcare to people in their own homes.

The pilot aims to improve local people’s access to healthcare as doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and others healthcare professionals come to, or closer to people’s homes, preventing people travelling any further than necessary to receive the necessary care.

The scrutiny task group is looking at whether this a better way of providing care to patients and more cost effective.

The independent Health and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee at Devon County Council has been following the pilot, and has had regular updates on progress from NEW Devon CCG and Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust.

The Committee agreed in June that its Task Group would seek further evidence from local people who have been receiving healthcare through this new community-based delivery.

They want to hear from people in Torrington and surrounding parishes who have received, or are receiving healthcare at home from district nurses, community matrons, community physiotherapists and occupational therapists or who are now accessing some of the day clinics at the hospital.

The task group is asking people to contact them by e-mail via, or by post at the address below by a new extended date of Friday 23 October, and ask that people include details of the care they received and when, as well as their contact details in case the task group wish to hear more from them.

Scrutiny Team (re: Torrington Community Hospital)
County Hall
Topsham Road

The task group’s findings will be reported to the Health and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee.

2 comments on “People in Great Torrington asked about healthcare

  1. Diana Percy says:

    My mother was in and out of hospital before having to go into residential care. She lived alone and the burden on care fell on myself and my daughter. Although carers came they could not be there exactly when she needed them. We had to move in with her as we were so worried about her, especially at night. It took carers, us and friends to look after her. If she had had a period in the community hospital we would have been less exhausted and she would have been less scared, and would have had a safer transition to home and very possibly had fewer ambulance trips and used up A and E and ward space less. There is no comparison with what the community hospital offered.

  2. Stephen Jones says:

    I knew my neighbour had gone to hospital for a major operation but I was surprised when one evening there was a phone call from her asking for help.She had been sitting in the cold for some hours.She had been left in her house with some electric device draining a wound.She couldn’t get her gas fire to work.I managed to get the fire going and with my wife brought food from our house to make something for our neighbour to eat.I am more than happy to help neighbours but when our heath services rely on neighbours to carry out basic needs of patients recovering from major operations we have sunk to Third World standards.We really need a local hospital to care for people close to friends and family, Stephen Jones

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