UPDATE: Shaldon Bridge and the Bitton Park Road

picture of Shaldon Bridge taken a distance away from the estuaryShaldon Bridge

Posted on: 28 February 2019

South West Water repaired the mains water leak earlier this week. The drainage problem is ongoing, but we are now able to confirm the closure arrangements for Shaldon Bridge.

Thursday 28th Feb
– Shaldon Bridge junction open, surfacing ongoing in other areas.

Friday 1st March – Shaldon Bridge junction closed for laying of the surface course and re-lining.

Saturday 2nd March – No works

Sunday 3rd March – No works

Monday 4th March – Further public announcement to be made detailing the final week of the surfacing programme.

To confirm:  all closures will be from 7pm to 7am the following morning.


Work on the A379 Bitton Park Road, from the junction of Shaldon Bridge to the fire station, will include major road resurfacing and footpath repairs. It will include as well an upgrade to the toucan crossing near Tesco Express; fixing damaged pedestrian barriers; renewing signage and lining and replacing high friction surfacing where required.

Subject to any unforeseen circumstances, we anticipate that the surfacing work will be completed on the 8th of March, and this will be the last of the road closures. We will however still be on site for a week or two more to finish work associated with decommissioning and installing a new pedestrian crossing outside Tesco’s express, and that will not involve any road closures.

As with any road closure, a recommended diversion route using roads of equal category will be signed. However people with good local knowledge may use minor roads to work their way around the closure.

Please allow extra time and plan your journey before you leave.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

13 comments on “UPDATE: Shaldon Bridge and the Bitton Park Road

  1. Jo Breakwell says:

    Hi is the road open Wednesday night this week

  2. Peter says:

    Thurs 7 March. What are the planned Shaldon Bridge closures for this week and next? There has been no further information since 28 Feb which only covered up to 4th March. No one wants to divert via Newton Abbot if the bridge is actually open.

  3. susan Preston says:

    An update was promised on 4th march and has not been posted. Please advise whether Shaldon Bridge is closed for Friday 8th March

  4. susan Preston says:

    An update on the closure was promised on Monday 4th March it is now Thursday 7th March and there is no information.Please can you advise whether Shaldon Bridge is still closed, or wheher it is now open specifically for Friday 8th March

  5. Mark says:

    “Monday 4th March – Further public announcement to be made detailing the final week of the surfacing programme.”

    I could not find an announcement dated after 28th Feb that gives details of the work after 4/3. Please provide the link.

  6. Judith says:

    This update says a further public announcement will be made on 4 March. It is now 5 March – has this announcement been made? While the roadworks are underway could road markings be painted at the traffic lights to make it safer for cyclists who are going straight on towards Morrisons (rather than turning left on to Shaldon bridge)? At the moment this is a very dangerous junction for cyclists and an interim solution is needed until the Teign Estuary Trail is built.

  7. Bill Amaden says:

    Can you please update us on Bitton Park Road closure? Above you said that you would do it yesterday. It is now Tuesday evening. I have to make my plans but need to know what yours are.

  8. Tony says:

    Would someone assist me in answering the following, what is the point of spending vast amounts of money laying a new surface through Teignmouth as we did in Dawlish last year but neglects the iron works, drains, inspection covers that are uneven occasionally proud of the road, the recesses are just the same as running over pot holes, the south Devon by pass feels like driving over a wash board uneven joints or similar to riding a roller coaster, Should Devon County Council held to account when spending public money that if the job is not up to a reasonable standing the contractors should not be paid until they are. Who signs off on these projects? Why do we have little pride in the job! Or is it simply a case that the person responsible of spending the funds cares not as it is not their money therefore no self respect as more funds are easily raised.

    • Hi Tony. Thanks for your comment. Our contractors take care to ensure that the work that they are doing on our behalf is done to a good quality and that meets industry standards . If the standard of work is below what is required, then it will be re-done at the contractor’s expense. We will pass on your comments with regard to the condition of the South Devon Highway. Thanks.

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