Carve it, eat it, compost it!

Posted on:20 October 2017

With Halloween fast approaching, we’ve put together some information and advice to help you reduce waste, have fun and stay safe

Carve it, eat it, compost it!
Will you be carving a Halloween pumpkin lantern? Did you know that we send 18,000 tonnes of pumpkin waste to landfill each year?!

Don’t forget you can use the pumpkin flesh to cook up some spooky treats and that you can compost your lantern once Halloween is over. You can find out more tips by watching our film!

Trading Standards safety advice for Halloween costumes
Following some incidents where Halloween costumes have caught fire, people are being advised to carefully check the labels in costumes and be aware of the risk of candles.

Our Trading Standards team has issued some safety advice about Halloween costumes for parents and carers.

Trick or treat? Stay safe and have fun
While Halloween can be fun for many, not everyone enjoys this time of year.

Devon and Cornwall Police is reminding trick or treaters that some people, particularly if elderly or vulnerable, might be distressed by strangers knocking at their door during the evening.

Their campaign encourages people to print out and display this poster on their homes, or the homes of elderly friends, neighbours or relatives, if they don’t want trick or treaters calling on them.

The police are also sharing these six top tips for young people at Halloween:

  • Always be accompanied by an adult when you are trick-or-treating.
  • You should only go to houses of people that you know and who are happy for you to call.
  • Stay safe, keep to places that you know and are well lit. Do not take short cuts through gardens, alleyways or parks.
  • Watch out for traffic – drivers might not see you.
  • If you are wearing a mask make sure that you can see where you are going and are aware of your surroundings.
  • Carry a torch and a fully charged mobile phone (if you have one).

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