Warning to take extra care when travelling tomorrow morning

Photo of a gritter at a gritting depot

Posted on: 2 December 2019

People are being urged to take extra care when travelling tomorrow morning.

Road surface temperatures are set to fall below freezing across Devon again tonight – dropping lower than -4C in some parts of the county – and they aren’t expected to rise until around 10am tomorrow.

Devon County Council’s fleet of gritters will be out on all of the county’s main gritting routes this afternoon and overnight, with the majority of the routes being treated twice.

Chris Cranston, Devon County Council’s Highway Operations Manager, said: “Such cold temperatures are being compounded with a heavy hoar frost, that means untreated roads in particular could become icy. We’re facing a prolonged countywide freeze overnight, with temperatures staying below zero during tomorrow’s peak travel time conditions, and this could make conditions challenging during the morning commute or journey to school. Allow plenty of time to defrost your car, clear your windscreens, and remember that it is possible for ice to form even on treated surfaces, so please take extra care.”

The County Council is reminding people of the following advice:

• Avoid overnight travel unless absolutely essential as roads will always be more hazardous at night with less traffic and colder temperatures;
• Never assume a road has been salted. Remember that showers or rain will wash salt off roads leaving them prone to ice, and in extreme cold even salting will not stop ice from forming;
• Allow additional time for your journey and reduce your speed;
• Drive with care and according to the conditions;

For more information and travel advice from Devon County Council visit our Winter Travel webpages or for updates on Twitter follow @DevonAlert

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