Weekend closure of Bridge Road in Exeter

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Posted on: 5 September 2016

Bridge Road in Exeter will be closed this weekend to allow essential work to the Countess Wear Flood Relief structure to take place.

The structure, which is situated between the River Exe and the entrance to the South West Water treatment works, was built in the 1960s and is in need of major repair and refurbishment as part of the Bridge Road Widening Scheme.

All of the existing tarmac road layers will be removed from the top of the structure, and concrete repairs carried out. Following this, waterproofing will be reapplied before new tarmac is laid to replace the road surface.

Reconstruction work will also be carried out at the bus bay on the east side of Bridge Road, near the Countess Wear Roundabout.

The road will be closed to traffic from 10pm on Friday 9 September until 5am on Monday 12 September. Pedestrians and cyclists can continue to access the road during the closure via temporary paths, and should take care and follow the site signage and any instructions from site staff.

The works are weather-dependent, so could be cancelled at short notice and re-programmed for another time.

Keep up to date via the Bridge Road Widening Scheme website and sign up for alerts, or follow on social media: Twitter and Facebook.

Diversion details are available here.

11 comments on “Weekend closure of Bridge Road in Exeter

  1. Ian says:

    Disappointed at the lack of volumn of work undertaken to make full opportunity of a traffic free zone, I cycled over the road to Sandy Park on Sunday, the road looked to-open at 5pm on the Sunday evening.

    Now we know there is another closure on 24/25 Sept

  2. lisa beasley says:

    On holiday in this area so had no idea this main road route to dawlish was closed until we actually got to the countess wier public house-would it of been so difficult to put advance notices up on the m5 before the junction so that we could of re routed to ease traffic through the town centre-took us over an hour to get from countess wier to marsh barton industrial estate!!!
    Also why oh why was this planned the same weekend as lockdown festival @ powderham castle???

    • Thanks Lisa. The road closure had been planned for a very long time, well in advance of the festival. Steps were also taken to sign the closure from major routes into the area, and a lot of publicity given to it through social and other local media. Thanks.

  3. Samantha Robertson-Greenwood says:

    Do we know what the bus arrangements are going to be over the closure period? No mention of alternative routes on Stagecoach website. Number 2 to Exminster in particular, as B bus stops around 7pm.

  4. tony tucker says:

    Can I still use the bridge in working hours travelling outwards to dawlish 8am and return journey 9pm?

    • Hi, You’re fine to travel at those times on Friday. During the weekend closure (from 10pm on Friday until 5am on Monday) there will only be pedestrian and cycle access.

  5. Sharon Callaway says:

    Bridge Road shut for the whole weekend? This is ridiculous. Yet again it appears that Devon County Council have given no consideration for us mere mortals who live on the western side of Bridge Road and have to use Bridge Road to get into work and the City Centre. And the lack of notice given to us about this road closure is disgraceful-now people who have to get to work do not have enough time Tomane alternative arrangements. I only found out about this by accident via social media-what about people who don’t have access to social media? Where are the signs advising people of this intended closure? Why aren’t Devon County Council utilising the digital sign that they have sat down on Sannerville Way to advise of the works-this sign doesn’t seem to have been utilised for months. Perhaps someone from DCC would be good enough to respond to this comment and advise us all why the notice period and signage in relation to this closure has been so poor

  6. Zoe says:

    So once again local residents are put on lock down! Why is there such short notice when this must have been planned months in advance?
    The public don’t just work Monday to Friday 9-5, you have left people with little or no time to make alternative arrangements.
    So for the entire weekend Alphington, Marsh Barton and the M5 are going to be gridlock… Great

  7. Emily says:

    How do we get to powderham castle by bus then as there’s a festival on?

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