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Where are COVID-19 infections happening in Devon?

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Posted on: 25 June 2021

Schools are a good indicator of what’s happening in local communities. When there is a rise in cases within the community, there is a rise in cases within schools.

At the moment schools are seeing quite a lot of their pupils off, because they’re self-isolating – most have been identified as being in close contact with someone who has tested positive for having coronavirus, rather than having the virus themselves. 

So schools are having to respond to the fluctuations in class sizes, as individuals or bubbles are told to stay home. 

This week one school in Torridge decided, on balance, given the number of pupils not able to attend the classroom, to switch to remote learning for the whole school for a few days. It’s staying open for children of key workers and vulnerable children – like all schools did during the lockdowns last year. 

Steve Brown, Devon’s Director of Public Health, said:

“It’s easy to jump to making a link with schools, but actually we are seeing in most cases that the transmission has happened out of the classroom. 

“We know, in supporting schools as we are doing, that they haven’t stopped working hard to maintain the measures that they have had in place for many months and are diligently following national restrictions, so we don’t believe that schools are the cause. 

“My ask to all young people and their parents is to not allow yourselves to be distracted from what is still a very real pandemic. You might feel we’re over it, but we’re not and it is down to every one of us to take control and to follow the rules.” 

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