Who cares? People like you, that’s who

Posted on: 8 August 2017

Devon County Council is looking for potential foster carers – people who have a spare room in their house, and room in their lives, to help vulnerable young people for a while.

There’s little to preclude anyone from being a foster carer, but it does take certain types of people with certain sets of skills to help children, who haven’t had the easiest starts in life, to become well-rounded, confident and independent young adults.

They’re the type of skills that you have. You display them every day in your work at school.

You know, when you’re listening to a student about a problem they’re having, and you’re working out with them what to do about it and how you can help, that’s you being someone who can help a young person who needs support.

When you’re sat at home later thinking about what happened at work today and how what you did helped that person, that’s you being someone who cares.

It doesn’t take qualifications to be a foster carer, although there’s plenty of training and support and a competitive rate of pay. It takes people with your skills who are dedicated to helping other people, and that have safe and stable homes.

It’s a big commitment sure, but it’s a rewarding one.

The Council is looking for people like you to join their Fostering Devon service. They’ve children and young people up to the age of 18 in their care who would benefit enormously from foster care, for a short time or for longer.

If you’d like a no obligations chat to find out more, call 0345 155 1077. Or visit the Fostering Devon website, www.fosteringindevon.org.uk, watch the short film and download a copy of the introductory booklet.

Thanks for caring.

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