Work on Ivybridge’s new recycling centre to start

Posted on: 22 February 2016

Preliminary building work on Ivybridge’s new recycling centre will start this week, commencing 22 February 2016.

The new facility is on land opposite the Ivybridge football and tennis clubs and is scheduled to open in the spring of 2017.

It will replace the old recycling centre at Bridge Court – that facility is now too small to serve the community’s needs.

The new recycling centre incorporates a modern split level design. This will enable the public to dispose of their waste from a higher area directly into the containers, which will be placed at a lower level.

This avoids the need for the public to climb steps and keep visitors coming into the site separate from HGV movements.

As a result public areas will remain open during lorry movements so there will be no need to close the site temporarily during container change-overs.

The site has a long access road, which means vehicles will not have to queue on the highway. There is also much more space for visitors to move and park safely.

There will also be a dedicated sales area where re-usable items can be purchased.

Cabinet member with responsibility for waste and also local member for Ivybridge, Roger Croad said: “It has long been recognised that the existing recycling Cllr Roger Croadcentre at Bridge Court, Ivybridge is too small, gets very congested and is inadequate for modern demands.
“Queuing traffic sometimes stretches back to Ermington Road. I am delighted that Devon County Council is now moving forward with a scheme to provide a new, modern facility which will provide local residents with a superior site with good access, minimal queuing and will make the recycling process far easier and more convenient.
“This new facility will mean improved recycling rates, a more pleasant and safer place to visit and overall a much better resource than we currently have.”

Local Member for Yealmpton Division, Councillor Richard Hosking, welcomed

Cllr Richard Hosking

Cllr Richard Hosking

the proposal for improved recycling facilities in Ivybridge and said: ““I welcome the proposal for improved recycling facilities in Ivybridge.
“The more waste we recycle the less we need to dispose of.
“This new facility will make unloading easier and improve traffic flow.
“This is welcome because I am very conscious that a new large scale residential development in Ivybridge has been proposed.”

The construction work will be undertaken by Noel Regan & Sons. Design and supervision is provided by DCCs Engineering Design Group.

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  1. Brent says:

    Looks like more of our beautiful countryside is being given up. When will we realise it has all gone? All so revenue can be made by council for a hotel on the existing site??

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