Work starts on Braunton flood improvement scheme

Flooding in Braunton

Posted on: 9 January 2017

Work has started today (Monday 9 January) on a £540,000 scheme to reduce flood risk in Braunton.

The scheme is one of Devon County Council’s main flood defence priorities and is designed to reduce the risk of flooding to commercial properties in Caen Street, while also reducing the associated problems for traffic heading to and from communities west of Braunton. It will achieve a protection standard of up to a 1 in 50 year surface water flood event and will complement the fluvial flood improvements carried out on the River Caen by the Environment Agency.

Plans have been made to minimise the unavoidable disruption to traffic during construction. Temporary traffic lights will be located on Caen Street while an upgraded drainage system is installed at the downstream end of the system adjacent to the River Caen/Caen Bridge. The temporary signals will be used until 19 February.

From the 20 February, Caen Street will be subject to a full road closure to allow the installation of the large drainage inlets and pipes running from the low spot in the middle of the road in Caen Street toward the river. The closure is scheduled to continue until 31 March at the latest. Pedestrian access will be maintained in Caen Street throughout this period.

Councillor Stuart Hughes

Cllr Stuart Hughes

Councillor Stuart Hughes, Devon County Council Cabinet Member for Highway Management and Flood Prevention, said: “This is a vital scheme for the community of Braunton and local businesses. Although there will be some unavoidable disruption while the work is undertaken, the long term benefit will increase the village’s resilience against the risk of flooding. We will be working with the local community to ensure it is ‘business as usual’ and every effort will be made to minimise disruption and re-open the road as soon as it us safe to do so, both for the public and site staff.”

Access from Caen Street to the Caen Street car park will be closed for the duration of the work, however access can still be made from the South Street entrance.

Following the completion of the highway drainage improvements, a pumping station will be installed off the highway, adjacent to the watercourse downstream of Caen Bridge. This will not require a road closure although traffic lights may be needed.

The scheme is expected to be completed in the summer.

2 comments on “Work starts on Braunton flood improvement scheme

  1. Ian ellis says:

    Has the full closure really been timed to coincide with the start of half term – loads of visitors – imagine the loss loss to income in the local economy

  2. Debbie West says:

    We were told by Jacobs spokesman at local consultation in Vivian Moon Centre that the full road close would be for no more than 4 days! This totally contradicts that information.
    Please can you tell me about alternative bus service along Saunton Road to Dune View Road etc as I rely on it. Thank you.

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