Work starts at Turks Head Junction in Honiton

Turks Head Junction, HonitonTurks Head Junction, Honiton

Posted on: 6 November 2015

Improvements to Turks Head Junction in Honiton will get underway on Monday (9 November).

The current T-junction meets Exeter Road to connect the western end of Honiton to the A30 dual carriageway.

The scheme will change the existing layout to a mini roundabout, along with a zebra crossing on Exeter Road. The overall improvements will reduce traffic queues which can, at times, reach the A30 and create a safety problem.

The work will take 20 weeks, continuing until the end of March, but it is scheduled to be complete before the Easter holidays.

The scheme involves expanding the road around the junction and diverting a number of underground utilities.

There will be temporary traffic lights throughout much of the works and some short periods of overnight road closure in March 2016 for the final surfacing.

As a safety precaution, temporary traffic lights will initially be manually controlled to allow site staff to monitor traffic conditions and keep queues to a minimum.

Councillor Stuart Hughes, Devon County Council Cabinet member for Highway Management, said: “This improvement scheme is vital as the current junction can cause traffic queues which extend onto the A30, posing a safety risk when vehicles are stationary on the dual carriageway. Replacing the junction with a roundabout will provide more capacity.

“This is an extremely busy junction so every effort is being made to minimise disruption. While the work is being carried out we would urge people to allow extra time for their journeys through the junction and, where possible, consider alternative routes during busy times.”

Councillor Sara Randall Johnson, Devon County Councillor for Honiton St Michael’s, said: “I would ask everyone to please be patient with us while this work is ongoing. We fully understand that it will cause disruption for people, so I welcome the fact that the temporary lights will initially be manually operated to minimise traffic queues. Although there will be short term pain, we will look forward to it being completed and the long term gain will make life easier for us all.”

Any enquiries about the project can be made by contacting Devon County Council’s Customer Service Centre highways team on 0345 155 1004.

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