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VideoYoung people are heeding the advice

Young person giving an interview about her vaccination

Posted on: 25 June 2021

Many young people are heeding the advice, following the rules – keeping their distance and not socialising with so many people – conscious that their actions impact not only on their own safety, but that of others. 

The vaccination programme opened up to people aged 18 years old and over last week, and bookings for first jabs have taken off. More than a million vaccination appointments were booked in just two days – Friday and Saturday last week – after vaccinations were opened up to all over 18s. 

In Devon, young adults have come forward in droves to book their first appointments, and several of them shared their experiences after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine at the Exeter COVID-19 Vaccination Centre at Greendale Business Park. 

They describe how the process was quick and simple, and that by receiving the vaccine, they were helping to save lives. 

“It was really painless, I was really surprised,” said one. “I’d urge everyone to go get the vaccine, it’s a really simple, easy procedure and we’re saving lives doing it”, said another. 

You can watch the videos via the Royal Devon and Exeter (RD&E) NHS Foundation Trust website.

To make vaccinations more convenient still, the NHS in Devon has arranged walk-in vaccinations this weekend, for people to turn up without appointments at any of the walk-in vaccination sites. More details on that below.

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